Guess we won't be having dinner outside --


Oh, my goodness what a busy year this has been. I've heard so many people say that it is way too soon to be celebrating Christmas, and yet here it is.

In Madison WI we got hit with a blizzard just after I got home from California. That's always a shock -- to go from mid-60's and somedays 70 degrees to minus 2 and below. We had two feet of snow on our deck.

We are a week away from Christmas Eve as I write this -- a religious event for some, a Santa event for others. For me it's a time of renewal. A time to go within on winter Solstice, December 21st, and reflect, review, and reconnect to the spirit within.

My 12 days of Christmas begins on the 21st - January 2nd. The process of going into the darkness to meditate and bring the light forward to the new year.

Reflecting on my life this past year -- what have I accomplished? Listing and expressing gratitude for all the wonderful things and finding the gift  even in all the things that were not so wonderful.

Reviewing where I've been and where I'm going in the coming year. What needs to change? What do I want to stay the same or improve upon? What new and exciting adventures do I want to invite in to my life?

Reconnecting to Spirit -- sometimes life goes too fast and meditation, the going within process, gets shortened or moved aside. The voice of spirit can be lost in the cacophony of the busy world. Making time, taking time, to strengthen my connection to the spiritual voice is an on-going process.

Blessings, roi


It is amazing how beautifully nature displays her wares at this time of the year. Changing from lush green to golds, oranges and rust. Last weekend my husband and I took at drive with our friends Judy Bridges and David Blank to view the fall foliage. We made plans for the winter that will be here before we know it.

Making personal changes can be difficult. People don't drop "stuff" as easily as the trees drop leaves. You know want something new and different, but lord please don't make me change to get there. So you try to get comfortable with where you are rather than where you want to be.

The most common reason for resisting change is fear. Fear of the future. You know what you have now, but if you change and create something new it can be scary.

The definition of fear is this: False Events Appearing Real

Allow yourself to visualize your future. Where's the fear? What would stop you? Are the projections real? Or simply imagination? Are they your beliefs or someone else's?

People love to project their fears on others. The country at the moment is worried about jobs, money, future and past. Which of these fears are real for you? Ask yourself at every turn and step -- Is this true?

Sometimes when you want a change to become manifest in your life -- you just have to hold your nose and jump! Happy, safe landing.

Namaste roi


Intuition – What is it? Who’s got it? And . . . How to develop yours!

Intuition is an instinctive, unspoken energy that comes to you in symbols and metaphors; your task is to discover how your intuitional system works and how to interpret the information.

First of all, you must release fear, judgments, and the need to be right. When fearful you second guess and analyze information rather than acting on it. If you are a person with strong judgments you’ll go around and around trying to make sure it’s the right thing to do.

Intuitional energy comes into your physical system by way of one of the dominant senses -- seeing, hearing, or feeling. You can receive through one or all of the senses, however one usually comes in stronger and faster. Intuitional guidance comes to you only in present time and has the energy to empower your life and spirit.Then it immediately resonates secondarily somewhere in your body.

The most common response is chills on the arms or upper body, but it can be anything, anywhere in your system. For instance – a tingle in the heart area or perhaps a drop in your stomach or just a feeling of “Ahhhh” -- are all secondary responses. One client’s eyes would momentarily blur when she got an intuitive download. The secondary response is important because this is the identifying factor that separates intuition from mind-chatter.

Once you indentify and begin to trust the way you access your intuition, then you can move on to symbolic language. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that your symbols are going to be your own – not mine or someone else’s. We may have the same symbols with entirely different meaning. Snakes may mean danger to you and healing and transformation to me.

One way to begin working with your intuition is to start with Yes/No questions. When I ask a Yes/No question I close my eyes and see the words YES on the left and NO on the right. As I ask the question one of them will come closer. If the words stay in place or recede then I know the answer is neutral or the question is not to be answered.

Create a Yes/No system that is your own. Gathering intuitive information with yes or no answers is a great way to develop and build trust in your intuition.

Develop your personal process:
#1) Identify how your intuition downloads into your system.
#2 Recognize where and when intuition resonates secondarily in your body
#3) Keep a journal of the images, symbols and metaphors that repeat themselves and then define their meaning. Trust your process.

How Time Flies

I find that I say that way too much. However, it sure seems like we are moving through life faster than ever. Is it that I'm older? Or am I trying to keep up with the technology? This instant information age.

I grew up in a time and place where the world moved slower than a snail on molasses. I couldn't wait to get out. Now I look back with a longing for the days when neighbors could relax, sit on the front porch, chat and shell peas from the garden as if they had all the time in the world.

The question is were we happier or simply slower?

Happiness, of course, is an inside job that comes from the heart. Do we keep ourselves so busy that we don't have time to feel it? Experience it? Acknowledge when we're happy and content? Can contentment co-exist with the speed in which we live our lives?

I have lots of questions and would be interested in your perspective. How do you stay in present time? How do you experience happiness? What do you do to slow down your world?

Years ago there was a movie "Stop The World" -- the lead character would shout STOP THE WORLD! I want to get off. Years ago I started my personal stop-the-world days. I spend a day (or more) alone and do whatever I want. I turn off the phones and tv and read, sleep, eat, take walks, journal -- all or none. Try it. You might like it.

Change Your Story ~ Change Your Life

The stories you tell about your life define you as a person. These stories tell others who you are and how to treat you. Their perception of you is based on the stories you tell, and their responses to you reflect and reinforce the messages that you send.

Those responses cause you to believe that this is who you actually are and that your story is true and unchangeable.

A key factor in moving forward to changing your story and changing your life is to examine the type of persona and archetypal energy you are currently projecting in your story. The archetypes make you aware of the personality traits you are exhibiting and the messages you are sending to others, whether intentionally or inadvertently.

By focusing on where you currently are, what challenges you might be facing (or have currently overcome), and where you would want to be, you can develop a strategy for redirecting your energy patterns to work for you rather than hinder you.

What is an Archetype?
An archetype is an energy pattern of expression or thought. Each archetype has an illuminated and a shadow side – which is an unknown or unexplored part of you that is waiting to be explored or healed.

Your personal world is created by thoughts, words, and beliefs. When your thoughts are created with passion – aligned with your heart – it creates a new energy or frequency. This repeated energy is channeled into an archetypal pattern. By identifying the archetypal patterns you’ve created, you can discover which ones work well for you and which do not.

How to use Archetypes to change your life
Identifying your archetypal patterns gives you a starting point for change. By seeing the two sides of an archetype you can determine which one you are expressing. If you are in the shadow side, for instance, you now have a model for becoming the illuminated side which empowers you.

Using your intuition you will select a card. Look up the definition. Determine whether you are living the illuminated or shadow aspects. Based on the archetype you select you begin to identify the pattern it expresses. You usually have one pattern, different dramas, but one repeat pattern.

For example: in the early 90’s I experienced a back injury that left me virtually paralyzed. Over long months of rehabilitation, I created a healing plan for myself that included hiking three days a week. As soon as I could walk for any length of time I gathered two of my friends and we began hiking in the San Antonio land preserve near my home in Northern California. In the beginning I had to stop and rest every few feet; I began to set goals to go further than on the previous hike. As the weeks went on I noticed a pattern. I would say to the group – okay, I’m going to walk to that tree before I stop. But then, I would stop two or three feet before I got to the tree -- before I reached my goal.

This awareness made me wonder what other areas of my life had the same pattern. After identifying the pattern, I was at a choice point. I could continue to stop short of completing my goals or I could make the choice for change. As I forced myself to finish my hike all the way to the tree keeping my commitment to the goal, I noticed that finishing other things became easier.

Once a pattern is identified you have choice. Does this pattern work for you? Does the pattern empower you or disempower you? Are you gaining energy or losing energy?

Examine your beliefs about the pattern. Using my hiking experience as an example, some of the beliefs were -- no matter what I do it’s not enough. I always fail or fall short or give up. In my family of origin I learned that trying and failing got more approval than succeeding – a strong “Victim” archetypal pattern.

Recognizing your patterns is a critical point for change. Do you want to keep doing it this way or do you want to do it differently? Making a firm choice or intention begins the universal process that brings about change and healing.

Four Basic Archetypes – Child, Victim, Prostitute, Saboteur
Everyone has the four basic archetypes. You’ve been a child, sometime or another felt like a victim and sold out for something or someone you thought held more power than you. How often have you sabotaged yourself, your creativity?

Child-Inventive: The Illuminated Child sees a world of possibilities and lives life in a creative wonder. He may not have all the answers – just a multitude of questions. The child energy contains a wonderful form of harmonic joy that can be heard through in the notes of his magical laughter. Shadow Child is fearful and can’t believe he has the right or power to create. He feels lost, abandoned. He may have too many rules and regulations to follow before he can play; he cries about the unfairness of life and feels powerless to change it.

Victim - Worthiness: The Illuminated Victim is transformation and power. Holding on to her spirit through traumas and dramas, she survives and transforms difficult experiences into gifts of wisdom. She is aware of when and how she victimizes herself and knows she has a choice to do it differently. Shadow Victim feels unworthy and unloved. Her pattern is one of never-ending hopelessness and powerlessness. The cycle of victim energy repeats through all patterns of her life.

Prostitute – Confidence: The Illuminated Prostitute is the epitome of confidence and faith – comfortable, secure and trusting of his life and of his connection to higher power. He refuses to sell out to anything or anyone. The Shadow Prostitute is uncentered, selling out for everything that comes his way, especially other people’s ideas and philosophies. He automatically gives in to anyone he deems smarter and more powerful if he thinks they provide security.

Saboteur – Honor: The Illuminated Saboteur is a strong ally. She helps you become aware of when and how you disempower yourself. Her purpose is to keep you committed to your goal or project; to examine your life patterns in order to reveal where you are losing energy and personal power. Shadow Saboteur plays havoc with your life. She creates self-defeating mind chatter that plays endlessly, with repeated negativity. Her logic overrides intuition and keeps you stuck in old patterns.

What is your story?
Who are you? List the high points of your life’s story today. Describe briefly – career, relationships, abundance, spirit.

Rewriting your story

Imagine for a moment the center of the earth, which is filled with molten lava. As this energy moves out, it solidifies into the ground you walk on. Your inner thoughts work the same way; they move outward and solidify into actions and habits that define your life.

Do you have the courage to change your story? To write a new script? You can begin by choosing the illuminated side of the basic four archetypes we discussed today. Now it’s time to rewrite your story into the one that you want to be living.

What patterns did you discover?
Do they empower you or disempower you?
List the beliefs you hold that support these patterns
List the choices change the patterns that do not support the life you want

To assist you in fulfilling your goals as you change your story and change your life, I’m adding the Goal Matrix that was given to me by my friend, Diane Chamness, Chamness Consulting in Milwaukee WI.

Goal Matrix
Step One: Write down your intentions. Make it detailed and specific.
This is your chance to dream and allow your heart to have a voice and vote in the changing of your life’s story. Add specific details – sensory details of sight, smell, touch. Write them in present time, rather than past or future. Reread it to make sure it is positive and exactly what you desire.

Step Two: Write down 5-10 specific goals that support achievements.
Goals are vital to the process of change. Specific goals allow you to clarify your intentions. You always get the result of your intentions.

Step Three: List what would stop you from achieving your goal.
Be honest with yourself on this one. What would stop you? If you’re not sure then ask a good friend who knows you well and loves you enough to speak the truth.

Step Four: What action needs to be taken to achieve my goals?
The clearer you are on what actions to take the better. Telling yourself “I don’t know what to do” is the Shadow Child chattering away. Break it down to one, two or three things I can do now.

Step Five: How will you know you have succeeded?
This step seems deceptively simple. How do you know if you’ve succeeded? If you are a perfectionist (Shadow Saboteur) then there is no end or completion. Celebrate success every day at every turn of your journey.

Gently review your new story. Observe and evaluate, but do not judge. Enjoy the process of creating your new story. And remember, you can keep rewriting until you’re completely happy with the story you’ve created. Blessings ~ roi

BMSE EXPO in Skokie IL

Today is Monday August 24, 2009. I just returned from the BMSE show in Skokie Il. It was a two day event. We had a great time! The We being my husband Vern and me.

In the two days, Saturday and Sunday, we met and chatted with over a hundred attendees. Sunday I looked up, and lo and behold, I saw a friend whom I've not seen in five years. That was icing on the weekend.

So many wonderful people came by our booth to check out the Spirit of Archetype Cards. I put a set of cards out on the table for people to draw from. Oh, what fun we had with that. Two lovely ladies each chose a card -- the first one drew the Prostitute Archetype and her friend drew the Thief. Did we have laughs over that -- then I shared what the real archetypal meaning were -- I think they were both relieved.

Our days were surrounded by fun, great attendies and friendly people in the booths on both side of us -- Magic Mountain Press on one side and Alternative Solutions on the other. Across the aisle the most beautiful "bling" -- hand made silver jewelry -- each piece with a special meaning about community, individuality and caring. I resisted as much as I could, truly I did, and then by Sunday afternoon my resistance was worn down and I had to buy a couple of pieces, which I have really been enjoying and wishing I'd bought more. I will find their website and post it so you too can take a look and perhaps buy some of this wonderful work.

My lecture on Change Your Story/Change Your Life was wonderful as well. A lively interchange with outstanding attendees. It was a laughter filled hour -- and had some amazing results for many people. I thank all of you for coming and making it so great.

As promised I am putting the workshop handout on the next blog. That's it for now, I'm going to work on getting the handout on the new blog or take a nap. It's 50-50 at the moment -- but I promise it will be here by tomorrow or later on today. So be patient and swing back by for the copy. Blessings, love and hugs, roi

Storyteller Archetype

I love words. I love the way they feel, the way they sound. The rhythm and cadence -- the deliciously dreary day.

Thoughts and words create the life we lead. The Storyteller Archetype* asks that you take inventory of your life stories. What stories have you been telling to yourself? Or about yourself? Is yours a sad tale or a happy one? Do your stories empower or dis-empower you?

I knew a woman who believed in the power of positive thinking. However, she spoke fluent negativity. Her life was a tale of woe; constantly overcoming challenges.

The Illuminated Storyteller gathers the teachings of life and spirit and turns them into words and stories that serve your highest good. The Shadow Storyteller distorts the truth. Your life then becomes based on the untruths you tell yourself and you never know the difference.

So, ask yourself --"Is my life based on truth or fiction?" What stories have been conjured up? Which ones are true? It is easy to change your life by changing your story.

*Storyteller information is from Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance by Roi Solberg. For further information please visit our website: