Storyteller Archetype

I love words. I love the way they feel, the way they sound. The rhythm and cadence -- the deliciously dreary day.

Thoughts and words create the life we lead. The Storyteller Archetype* asks that you take inventory of your life stories. What stories have you been telling to yourself? Or about yourself? Is yours a sad tale or a happy one? Do your stories empower or dis-empower you?

I knew a woman who believed in the power of positive thinking. However, she spoke fluent negativity. Her life was a tale of woe; constantly overcoming challenges.

The Illuminated Storyteller gathers the teachings of life and spirit and turns them into words and stories that serve your highest good. The Shadow Storyteller distorts the truth. Your life then becomes based on the untruths you tell yourself and you never know the difference.

So, ask yourself --"Is my life based on truth or fiction?" What stories have been conjured up? Which ones are true? It is easy to change your life by changing your story.

*Storyteller information is from Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance by Roi Solberg. For further information please visit our website:

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