Intuition – What is it? Who’s got it? And . . . How to develop yours!

Intuition is an instinctive, unspoken energy that comes to you in symbols and metaphors; your task is to discover how your intuitional system works and how to interpret the information.

First of all, you must release fear, judgments, and the need to be right. When fearful you second guess and analyze information rather than acting on it. If you are a person with strong judgments you’ll go around and around trying to make sure it’s the right thing to do.

Intuitional energy comes into your physical system by way of one of the dominant senses -- seeing, hearing, or feeling. You can receive through one or all of the senses, however one usually comes in stronger and faster. Intuitional guidance comes to you only in present time and has the energy to empower your life and spirit.Then it immediately resonates secondarily somewhere in your body.

The most common response is chills on the arms or upper body, but it can be anything, anywhere in your system. For instance – a tingle in the heart area or perhaps a drop in your stomach or just a feeling of “Ahhhh” -- are all secondary responses. One client’s eyes would momentarily blur when she got an intuitive download. The secondary response is important because this is the identifying factor that separates intuition from mind-chatter.

Once you indentify and begin to trust the way you access your intuition, then you can move on to symbolic language. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that your symbols are going to be your own – not mine or someone else’s. We may have the same symbols with entirely different meaning. Snakes may mean danger to you and healing and transformation to me.

One way to begin working with your intuition is to start with Yes/No questions. When I ask a Yes/No question I close my eyes and see the words YES on the left and NO on the right. As I ask the question one of them will come closer. If the words stay in place or recede then I know the answer is neutral or the question is not to be answered.

Create a Yes/No system that is your own. Gathering intuitive information with yes or no answers is a great way to develop and build trust in your intuition.

Develop your personal process:
#1) Identify how your intuition downloads into your system.
#2 Recognize where and when intuition resonates secondarily in your body
#3) Keep a journal of the images, symbols and metaphors that repeat themselves and then define their meaning. Trust your process.

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