It is amazing how beautifully nature displays her wares at this time of the year. Changing from lush green to golds, oranges and rust. Last weekend my husband and I took at drive with our friends Judy Bridges and David Blank to view the fall foliage. We made plans for the winter that will be here before we know it.

Making personal changes can be difficult. People don't drop "stuff" as easily as the trees drop leaves. You know want something new and different, but lord please don't make me change to get there. So you try to get comfortable with where you are rather than where you want to be.

The most common reason for resisting change is fear. Fear of the future. You know what you have now, but if you change and create something new it can be scary.

The definition of fear is this: False Events Appearing Real

Allow yourself to visualize your future. Where's the fear? What would stop you? Are the projections real? Or simply imagination? Are they your beliefs or someone else's?

People love to project their fears on others. The country at the moment is worried about jobs, money, future and past. Which of these fears are real for you? Ask yourself at every turn and step -- Is this true?

Sometimes when you want a change to become manifest in your life -- you just have to hold your nose and jump! Happy, safe landing.

Namaste roi

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