Oh, my goodness what a busy year this has been. I've heard so many people say that it is way too soon to be celebrating Christmas, and yet here it is.

In Madison WI we got hit with a blizzard just after I got home from California. That's always a shock -- to go from mid-60's and somedays 70 degrees to minus 2 and below. We had two feet of snow on our deck.

We are a week away from Christmas Eve as I write this -- a religious event for some, a Santa event for others. For me it's a time of renewal. A time to go within on winter Solstice, December 21st, and reflect, review, and reconnect to the spirit within.

My 12 days of Christmas begins on the 21st - January 2nd. The process of going into the darkness to meditate and bring the light forward to the new year.

Reflecting on my life this past year -- what have I accomplished? Listing and expressing gratitude for all the wonderful things and finding the gift  even in all the things that were not so wonderful.

Reviewing where I've been and where I'm going in the coming year. What needs to change? What do I want to stay the same or improve upon? What new and exciting adventures do I want to invite in to my life?

Reconnecting to Spirit -- sometimes life goes too fast and meditation, the going within process, gets shortened or moved aside. The voice of spirit can be lost in the cacophony of the busy world. Making time, taking time, to strengthen my connection to the spiritual voice is an on-going process.

Blessings, roi

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