Archetype: Sage/Crone

Brrrr -- it is cold and getting colder here in Madison WI. The temperature at the moment is 2 degrees. High projected to be 12 degrees. Excellent day to stay inside by a warm fire to reflect and ponder the archetype of the week.

The Sage/Crone is the archetype of the Week. Very fitting for the last twelve days before Christmas, and the closing out of 2010.

The Sage/Crone asks that you review your entire lifetime, regardless of your age.
  • Have you learned from your experiences? 
  • Do you constantly look back at the way life used to be rather than living in the here and now? 
  • Are you heavily invested in blaming others for the unhappiness in your life?
The Illuminated Sage moves into the wisdom of each and every experience. The Sage is the masculine energy that assists you in finding the truth about your relationship to the world at large and give you the patience to find it.

The Shadow Sage is old, repetitive, and snarly. It is that inside voice that tells you what you did wrong and how you'll never be able to make it right. 

The Illuminated Crone is the wizened Goddess energy of the world. Your manifestations through the Crone are created through your gathered wisdom, patience, and action.

The Shadow Crone is lost in a world of mourning the life she had as a maiden. You will doubt your own wisdom and ability to make clear, concise, and wise decisions.

As you close out this year -- 
  • Make a list of all your accomplishments for 2010
  • Include all the gifts your received in the year
  • Give thanks for your life
Then begin to visualize, dream, and manifest 2011.
In January, I'll give you ideas for Starting Your New Year off Right!

Archetype: Rescuer

Wheee!  it is cold here in Madison. 12 degrees at the moment and I have no idea what the wind chill factor is -- nor do I want to go outside and find out.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May this be your best year ever.

This week's archetype is the Rescuer. This is a great time of the year to explore the Rescuer archetypal energy.

When you draw the Rescuer Archetype card you are being asked to take a good look at your relationship with yourself, as well as others.

  • Are you surrounded by needy people who call on you to rescue them? 
  • Do you have the strength and ability to rescue? 
  • Can you let go once you rescue?

The Illuminated Rescuer has the strength and commitment to come to the aid of other people. She's available for short term assistance: once the rescue is over, she goes on her way. The inner rescuer speaks to you when you're going the wrong way or have gotten yourself in a pickle and need to get free.

The Shadow Rescuer often creates the problem so she can be rescued or be the rescuer. Perhaps you create chaos in your life or in the lives of others so that you can be rescued. The purpose of constantly rescuing others is to avoid facing your own fears.

Too many of us are in the Shadow Rescuer. We jump at the opportunity to assist others, even when they don't ask.  It is a great way to avoid what is going on in your own life and take action to resolve issues.

Allow others to ask you for help, rather than jumping in to take over. Then do what you can and when the crisis or issue is over, allow yourself to walk away.
  • What areas of your life need rescuing?
  • Who could you turn to for help?
  • Do you take on other people's drama's? 
Have a great, peaceful holiday. Blessings, roi

Archetype: Coward

Thanksgiving is over, the holiday shopping rush started on Black Friday. Were you one of the brave ones out there with the crowds or did you stay home and eat leftovers?

This week's Archetype is the Coward. The Coward is a very interesting archetype and one of my personal set.

When you draw the Coward Archetype card you are being asked to examine your fears.  Are they real or imagined?

How many times do we talk ourselves out of things because of  imaginary fears? Years ago, my friends told me how they wanted to take his elderly mother, who lived in Long Beach California, to New York City to see a play. She would love it, they said. As the conversation continued, they began to express their fears -- his mother was too old to travel, this might happen, that might happen -- until they talked themselves out of a great idea and a wonderful gift to his mom.

How many times have you talked yourself out of wonderful ideas that would not only make you happy, but could change your life?

The Illuminated Coward takes action to move beyond fear to experience courage. The Shadow Coward is afraid of everything and hides to keep safe.

  • Who would you be if you had the courage to live your dreams?
  • How would life be different?
  • Do you live your life through fear or faith?
When you live life through fear -- you get more experiences of fear.
When you live life through faith  -- you get more experiences of faith.

By simply affirming -- "I have faith this will work out." You can start the process of living life from the Illuminated Coward.

So, did I shop on Black Friday? You kidding, I'm not that brave. I stayed home where it was safe.
Have a wonderful week.

Archetype: Storyteller

Monday was a day of chaos and challenge for my family.  I got an early SOS --- my son's car battery was dead, and the members of his household had to get to work and school in different directions. As a result, my day, and plans were shifted and rearranged.

So, why am I sharing this on the Archetype of the Week?  I'm sharing because these life experiences  -- which take us out of our routines and schedules are some of the elements of our "stories".

When you draw the Storyteller Archetype card, you are being asked to take inventory of your life stories.
  • Are your stories sad tales? Happy? 
  • What stories do you repeat to yourself? Are you the hero or the victim?
  • Do the stories you tell yourself empower or dis-empower you?

The Illuminated Storyteller shares knowledge through a good tale.
The Shadow distorts truth and tells it as believable.

  • What stores do you tell about your life? 
  • Are they true or conjured up? 
  • Are your stories told through the Illuminated or the Shadow?
Back to my experiences of yesterday -- as Storyteller, I now have a choice to relate that experience through the Illuminated or the Shadow Storyteller. I can be the victim in the story or I can empower my story by telling how we all rose to the challenge, got everyone to work on time, and the car battery problem resolved.

The Storyteller is a great archetype to explore before the holidays. 
  • Examine your past stories about Thanksgiving.
  • What about Christmas or Hanukkah? 
  • Ask yourself what story do I want to create for this year?
You have the choice to rewrite your story and change your life. Get creative! Make this the best holiday ever! 

Archetype: Thief

Thanksgiving is ten days away. Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa are close on its heels.
Weren't we just celebrating New Year's 2010 last week? Who stole this year?

This week's card is Thief. When you draw the Thief Archetype card, you're being asked to bring him in for questioning.
  • What thievery is going on in your life? 
  • When do you rob  yourself blind? 
  • Do you steal your own self-confidence? 

The Illuminated Thief is inventive in finding ways to create new pathways in life from nonexistent ones. He can break you out of the confinement and restrictions you've created for yourself, and will not allow you to be robbed.

The Shadow Thief steals your confidence, ideas, creativity, and truth. He makes sure you stay in a cell of old ideas, habits, and beliefs.

Do you stay in present time? Or are you off in the the "someday" dream of the future? Or the "shoulda's" of the past?

How do you rob yourself? What qualities, dreams, hopes, and goals do you allow to be stolen before they have a chance to be expressed in your life?

This week keep a keen eye on the thief and how he operates in your life. Bring him in for questioning and let him know he's not allowed to steal you blind any more.

Copyright Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance

Archetype: Child

If you want to learn how to do life -- find a two-year old and follow them around for a few hours. Children are great teachers -- they are open and honest about life. They like what they like, cry when unhappy, laugh when happy and sleep when they're tired. A two-year-old lives life to the fullest his day is filled with boundless creativity -- ever seen a child make a rocket ship out of a cardboard box? Make a car out her cookie?

When you draw the Child Archetype card, you're being asked to experiment with your own creativity. Can you create magic from ordinary things?

The illuminated child sees a creative world of possibilities. The shadow child is fearful and can't believe he or she has the right to create.
  • How about you?  
  • Do you allow yourself to play? How often?
  • Can you turn the constrictive box you've created around your life into something magical -- like a rocket ship?
This week find one magical moment each day, then expand that magic to several times a day. Look for things that inspire you, that fill you with awe, things that make you smile.

So many people in our country are struggling now with finances, loss of jobs, loss of homes that the idea of creating magic gets lost in the fears of what is and what might be. When fear goes viral it consumes our creativity. It sucks the life out of good ideas and forward movement.

Trust evaporates.

Whatever you focus on expands, so this week, whether you're in the struggle or beyond, focus on peace, trust, creativity, and compassion for all. Holding good thoughts for the future is vital right now.

The weekly archetypes are from my book Spirit of Archetypes. The book comes with 48 archetypal cards designed by artist Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre. We created the Spirit of Archetypes for you to use as a tool for self discovery as you reconnect to your spirit and purpose. 

Sets are available through PayPal and on 
Please feel welcome to add your comments and experiences to the blog.

For information on the Archetypes or an Archetypal Readings with Roi ~ 608.224.4220

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Archetype: Detective

When you draw the Detective, you're being asked to search the patterns of your life. Are you always stuck asking "why," or do you find clues and move on?

The Detective is about revelation; he helps you discover the unknown parts of your creativity and spirit that you've kept hidden from yourself and others. Perhaps you have a dream that you've hidden because you think others will laugh. Or you're afraid to express your personal power because you think others will abandon you.

The illuminated Detective archetype gathers clues, bits of the puzzle, to solve life situations -- both big and small. The shadow always goes to the outside world for answers, wants others to be at fault. When you  always blame on the outside world for your problems, then you never have to accept responsibility for your actions or your life.
  • Do your life patterns hold you prisoner? How? 
  • What are the beliefs behind the patterns?
  • Are parts of your spirit/creativity hidden?
  • What needs to be revealed and resolved for you to more forward with your life?
This week become aware of the clues, pay attention, and listen to the words you say to yourself and others. Get out the magnifying glass and look closely at your life's patterns. Do they work for you? Which ones need to be released? What is waiting in the shadows to come on stage?

Have a great week with the Detective.

Copyright Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance

Archetype: Hedonist

If I were running the world, every person on earth would be a Hedonist. Illuminated Hedonist, that is.

When you draw the Hedonist Archetype card, you're being asked to examine your relationship to your physical world.

  • Do you experience the joy of living through taste, touch, sight and sound? 
  • What senses do you not allow yourself to enjoy? 
Too often you are critical and judgmental about how much you can enjoy in your life. The meal is the best you've ever eaten, but it cost too much, or was too rich. The life you're leading is great, but  . . . .

Happy children are the greatest example of the illuminated hedonist. They are aware of their senses and express them with great vigor. Your spirit is accessed through feelings.

The Illuminated Hedonist appreciates life and all it has to offer through taste, touch, sight, and sound. The Shadow Hedonist denies the pleasure of sensory experiences.

This week get to know your inner hedonist. Allow the illuminated hedonist to be expressed in everything that you do. Watch what you are denying yourself. Can you awaken your senses to the joy of life?

  • Do you allow yourself to have the best?
  • Are you willing to create a new aliveness in your life?
  • List all the "but's" that keep you from fully enjoying the zest of life this week.
Please feel welcome to share your experiences -- 
Copyright Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance

Archetype: Magician/Wizard

When you draw the Magician/Wizard Archetype card, you are being asked to examine the illusions you are living and believe to be true.

  • How many spells have been cast upon you?
  • Did a person of authority tell you that you are too good or not good enough?
  • What illusions can I release?
Allow the magic of the Illuminated Magician/Wizard to see beyond your self-imposed limitations and create new, empowering spells for yourself.

The Illuminateds Magician/Wizard see the whole of creation from unseen matter, while the Shadows trick and cast illusions, making you believe you are less than perfect.

This week examine what spells you're living under that you identify as simply "that's the way I am". What patterns of action have been handed down and from where and from whom.

Intention is the key to breaking old spells and rituals. We always get the results of our intentions.

This week as you spend time with the Magician/Wizard archetype examine what magic needs to be created in your life -- go beyond the limitations of your reality and allow yourself to dream. Trust the Wizard and Magician to bring a new energetic template of your undiscovered talents into your life.

  • What do I want to create this week?
  • What dreams do I want to manifest?
  • Ask yourself, "Who would I be if I were to . . . ?
Copyright Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance

In the works

I've been working on several new things this week --

Redesign of my website - Creating a website is fun, exciting and tedious. Boy, the attention you have to pay to detail is amazing. It is a continuous work in progress -- a little like life, isn't it?

Video taping Spirit of Archetypes card layouts. This project  is in the process of editing and voice over. These visuals will give you a clearer understanding of how to use the cards. The layouts are all in the Spirit of Archetypes book, so you'll have two resources when we're done. And -- there is one new layout in the making.

Skyping -- I'm very excited to be offering reading via Skype. This will be available in April.

Our family uses Skype a lot. Skyping from Europe or Asia keeps everyone in touch.

During the holidays and birthdays we also Skype -- California to PA to Madison. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner together is a kick. Nothing beats being all together in the same place during the holidays, but Skyping is the second best.

The next thing on my list is to record meditations for the Archetypes -- this one is on the back burner, but glowing in my consciousness all the same.

Archetype: Prince/Princess*

When you draw the Prince/Princess card you are being asked to explore your relationship to the power of your work with others. Are you only pretending that you are serious about your work? Are you taking full responsibility for learning everything you need to know.

  • What do you want in life?
  • Can you visualize your dreams?
  • Do you trust yourself to bring them into reality.
The Illuminated Prince is power-in-training, aspiring to the higher realms that will someday be his responsibility. The Shadow Prince believe he is entitled to it all and often uses his relationship to the King to intimidate and manipulate others.

The Illuminated Princess is the feminine power, born into her rightful heritage as a sacred being. The Shadow Princess lives in a fairy tale world, wanting to be claimed by a stronger power that will make her life feel valid.

  • So, where do these two live in your life?
  • Are you studying to become the one in charge of your career, your calling in life?
  • Are you hiding behind the teacher/leader and not taking on responsibility?
The Shadow Prince wants you to believe that the world owes you -- how many times have you heard someone say ". . .  this job doesn't pay me enough to do . . . "?

In the Illuminated status of these two -- you know who you are, you know how to prepare for your future and the responsibility of that future. The Shadow team wants to hold you back from living in the full power of who you are.

I find myself telling clients to own their power. This is the 3rd chakra issue of ego. The issue of knowing and trusting that you are the only person in the world who can bring your gift into being and you own the personal power of that knowing. You are not egotistical -- you have a healthy ego that states "I AM" to the world.

So you go, all you Princes and Princesses -- own your power!

Namaste, roi

Please remember the information is from Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance. Copyrighted -- do not reprint without permission.

Archetype: Coward*

Sometimes people get the Coward Archetype card and want to put it back. That was my first reaction in Carolyn Myss's class when I realized that the Coward was one of my major archetypes. That is so not who I am, I declared, but it was.

The Illuminated Coward goes beyond fear to experience courage, while the Shadow Coward never steps out of limitation in order to move forward.

When the Coward Archetype is drawn you are being asked to examine your fears. Are they real or imagined? Does the Shadow Archetype protect you or hinder you?

When clients are reluctant to move forward in life I will ask them,  "What is the worst  that could happen if you were successful?" You should hear the answers. Often the fears are simply blow up boogie-men who loom over the future. All it takes is commitment on your part and these fears pop and deflate like a balloon stuck with a pin.

The Illuminated Coward is about moving forward in life -- right, wrong or indifferent -- you move, you reach for the brass ring. You put your gift for mankind on the table of life and leave it there. You don't judge it, you don't wait for the world to approve it and give you kudos for doing it, nor do you deem unworthy and crawl back in the Coward's corner.

This week examine your fears and embrace your courage.
  • What fears are standing in your way?
  • Where did you get these fears? From family, friends?
  • Give your fear a color. Then give your courage a color. Which is brighter?
  • List three things you can do to overcome the blocks that the Shadow Coward hold over you.
  • Break them down into small steps to begin changing your relationship from one of fear to one of faith.
It takes courage to live. It takes courage to be happy. With the Coward Archetype you can learn to express that courage and share it with others.
Namaste, roi

*Please remember this information is copyrighted in the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance and not to be reprinted without permission.

Archetype: Artist*

Life is an art form. What art form is your life?

The Artist Archetype expresses creativity. The Illuminated Artist is the awareness of your personal art of living. The Shadow Artist never allows your creativity to be developed or thrive.

I heard woman put down her creativity, thinking it's all about drawing. "Oh, I can't draw a straight line," she said.

Of course not, straight lines are drawn with rulers and rules. The art of life is full of squiggles, curves, broad brush strokes, and very few rules and restrictions.

This week examine the art of your life.

  • What art form have you designed?
  • Do you allow your creativity to flow without restriction?
  • Or do you restrict and dismiss creative thoughts before they can be expressed?
Allow the Artist to assist you in visualizing the life you want to create this year. Perhaps you need more color spots -- or an entirely new style? Do something different this week -- visit an art gallery, take a walk in nature, or sit by the fire and dream.

*Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance Copyright 2009 All rights reserved Roi Solberg & Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre

Archetype: Detective*

The Detective is an excellent archetype for this time of the year when you are formulating your goals for 2010. The Detective is about Revelation and is asking that you search the patterns of your life to discover where you are empowered or dis-empowered.  

While the Illuminated Detective gathers the clues, bits of a puzzle, to solve life's problems -- the Shadow Detective goes to the outside world for answers, wants others to be at fault, and constantly blames others.

Ask yourself --
  • Are you stuck with always asking why?
  • Can you find bits of the puzzle -- such as what's holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals?
  • What parts of your creative spirit are hidden?
  • What needs to be revealed and resolved for you to move forward with your life?
In my work I constantly ask clients "What do you want?" and the answers are rarely clear. I tell everyone one that I am your fairly godmother and I can give you whatever you wish for and again I ask "What do you want?".

What would your answer be? Is it something you truly want or is it something you think other people in your life want you to want?

This week gather clues and have Detective Archetype help you.
  • What patterns have to change in order for you to achieve your goals?
  • What has to be created or released?
  • Who would you be if you achieved what it is you want this year?
  • How would you be different?
Have fun! Please feel welcome to share your discoveries with us on the blog. -- roi
*Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance by Roi Solberg & Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre
All rights reserved.

Archetype: Chef

The Chef, which represents renewal, was the first archetype I drew for 2010. What a great energetic pattern for a new year.

The Illuminated Chef asks that you examine your life recipes. Are they old and outdated? Do you need to spice up the way you're living? Or is 2010 going to be the same old, same old while you wish away the days hoping for something different?

The Shadow Chef believes the dish is never done or good enough. By using the same old recipes, same thoughts and belief patters, the Shadow's expectation is this time things will be different. But always ends up with the same stew.

Our goals, even New Year Resolutions, have to be in alignment. When Intention, Attention and Expectation are in harmony then things happen, change and a new form of energy is created.

Take a look at what you want to create in 2010 -- are they your dreams and goals or someone else's?
Do you have the commitment to make it happen (intention)? Are you focusing gathering the right ingredients (attention)? Do you have a clear picture (expectation) of how its going to all work for you?

If the answer is no on any one of these then I encourage you to go to the Chef and see what you can do to spice it up.

If the answer is yes, keep moving forward and let the Universe handle the details.
Blessings, roi


Starting on Monday I'll begin posting an Archetype a week. Each posting will include the meaning of the archetype and new information on how to utilize the meaning in your life. If you own the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance then you can follow with the book as well as the blog.

My goal is to have an interactive process going on between us.

How do you use the cards and the information?
What impact have the cards had on your journey of self-discovery?
What questions do you have?

Each Monday will be a new archetype card. Enjoy  - roi

Happy New Year - 2010

A New Year -- On the first  day of a new year we feel as if we have a blank page ready to be filled with new and exciting things. We look at the things we want to change because this is the year that we give up smoking, stick to our diet, make those moves and changes which will make us a better person.

This New Year let's look at all the good things about ourselves, our lives and what we've created. Focus on the positive while we're making our resolutions to be that better person.

What do you want to accomplish this year? 
Are your intentions and attentions in alignment with your expectations?
What do you need to let go of? What do you need to bring into your life?

Each of us is the micro of the macro of the world; in other words we are a minute piece of the whole. So if you're against pollution for example -- where are you polluting in your life, your thoughts, your actions, the foods you eat and the life you lead.

Because the world is a reflection of you -- your world is inside, not outside. Make sure the inside and the outside are in harmony. Who you are on the inside and who you are on the inside should not be separate pieces of the whole.

I heard Caroline Myss say we have choice -- you can live our lives through fear or through faith. Fear brings more experiences and opportunities  for you to be fearful; faith creates experiences of trust and certainty that you will be fine. Whatever you focus on expands. After I heard this I began affirming that all will be well in my life. I trust this is going to ----. I use "I trust" rather than "I hope" -- since often when you say I hope this works, you're actually saying I'm afraid it won't.


THANK YOU -- to everyone whom I've met recently at the BMSE shows in Portland, Skokie, Schaumburg as well as Madison, Milwaukee and of course California.

Your support of the Archetype Cards has been tremendous. When people tell me how much they enjoy the cards, how great the cards feel and how accurate the cards are -- I am filled with absolute joy. Dorothy and I love hearing your wonderful praise.

In 2010 I will be doing more shows and expanding my work through the internet -- such as this blog and an interactive newsletter and using Skype for readings. You'll be able to share your experiences and ask questions to gain more insight on your personal journey.

January 1, 2010

“There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”

Commitment -- did you make goals or resolutions for 2010? How committed are you to what you want to achieve this year? 

Each year I make a new goal matrix and check how many of the things I want to manifest this year were on last year's list. Too many I find. So this year I'm checking the commitment issue - how committed am I to this goal. Is my goal matrix a Wish List rather than actual things I'd like to create? I'd love to be able to wish exercise and have it be done for me. Or finished books I have on my list to write.

The truth is I have to commit, I have to say Yes! This is what I want to do this year, this is what I want to manifest, this is how I want the year to be created in my life. 

What's on your goal or wish list? What archetype is leading the way? 
Happy New Year everyone! May this be the best year ever! Let's just make it the best year ever!