Archetype: Artist*

Life is an art form. What art form is your life?

The Artist Archetype expresses creativity. The Illuminated Artist is the awareness of your personal art of living. The Shadow Artist never allows your creativity to be developed or thrive.

I heard woman put down her creativity, thinking it's all about drawing. "Oh, I can't draw a straight line," she said.

Of course not, straight lines are drawn with rulers and rules. The art of life is full of squiggles, curves, broad brush strokes, and very few rules and restrictions.

This week examine the art of your life.

  • What art form have you designed?
  • Do you allow your creativity to flow without restriction?
  • Or do you restrict and dismiss creative thoughts before they can be expressed?
Allow the Artist to assist you in visualizing the life you want to create this year. Perhaps you need more color spots -- or an entirely new style? Do something different this week -- visit an art gallery, take a walk in nature, or sit by the fire and dream.

*Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance Copyright 2009 All rights reserved Roi Solberg & Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre

Archetype: Detective*

The Detective is an excellent archetype for this time of the year when you are formulating your goals for 2010. The Detective is about Revelation and is asking that you search the patterns of your life to discover where you are empowered or dis-empowered.  

While the Illuminated Detective gathers the clues, bits of a puzzle, to solve life's problems -- the Shadow Detective goes to the outside world for answers, wants others to be at fault, and constantly blames others.

Ask yourself --
  • Are you stuck with always asking why?
  • Can you find bits of the puzzle -- such as what's holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals?
  • What parts of your creative spirit are hidden?
  • What needs to be revealed and resolved for you to move forward with your life?
In my work I constantly ask clients "What do you want?" and the answers are rarely clear. I tell everyone one that I am your fairly godmother and I can give you whatever you wish for and again I ask "What do you want?".

What would your answer be? Is it something you truly want or is it something you think other people in your life want you to want?

This week gather clues and have Detective Archetype help you.
  • What patterns have to change in order for you to achieve your goals?
  • What has to be created or released?
  • Who would you be if you achieved what it is you want this year?
  • How would you be different?
Have fun! Please feel welcome to share your discoveries with us on the blog. -- roi
*Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance by Roi Solberg & Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre
All rights reserved.

Archetype: Chef

The Chef, which represents renewal, was the first archetype I drew for 2010. What a great energetic pattern for a new year.

The Illuminated Chef asks that you examine your life recipes. Are they old and outdated? Do you need to spice up the way you're living? Or is 2010 going to be the same old, same old while you wish away the days hoping for something different?

The Shadow Chef believes the dish is never done or good enough. By using the same old recipes, same thoughts and belief patters, the Shadow's expectation is this time things will be different. But always ends up with the same stew.

Our goals, even New Year Resolutions, have to be in alignment. When Intention, Attention and Expectation are in harmony then things happen, change and a new form of energy is created.

Take a look at what you want to create in 2010 -- are they your dreams and goals or someone else's?
Do you have the commitment to make it happen (intention)? Are you focusing gathering the right ingredients (attention)? Do you have a clear picture (expectation) of how its going to all work for you?

If the answer is no on any one of these then I encourage you to go to the Chef and see what you can do to spice it up.

If the answer is yes, keep moving forward and let the Universe handle the details.
Blessings, roi


Starting on Monday I'll begin posting an Archetype a week. Each posting will include the meaning of the archetype and new information on how to utilize the meaning in your life. If you own the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance then you can follow with the book as well as the blog.

My goal is to have an interactive process going on between us.

How do you use the cards and the information?
What impact have the cards had on your journey of self-discovery?
What questions do you have?

Each Monday will be a new archetype card. Enjoy  - roi

Happy New Year - 2010

A New Year -- On the first  day of a new year we feel as if we have a blank page ready to be filled with new and exciting things. We look at the things we want to change because this is the year that we give up smoking, stick to our diet, make those moves and changes which will make us a better person.

This New Year let's look at all the good things about ourselves, our lives and what we've created. Focus on the positive while we're making our resolutions to be that better person.

What do you want to accomplish this year? 
Are your intentions and attentions in alignment with your expectations?
What do you need to let go of? What do you need to bring into your life?

Each of us is the micro of the macro of the world; in other words we are a minute piece of the whole. So if you're against pollution for example -- where are you polluting in your life, your thoughts, your actions, the foods you eat and the life you lead.

Because the world is a reflection of you -- your world is inside, not outside. Make sure the inside and the outside are in harmony. Who you are on the inside and who you are on the inside should not be separate pieces of the whole.

I heard Caroline Myss say we have choice -- you can live our lives through fear or through faith. Fear brings more experiences and opportunities  for you to be fearful; faith creates experiences of trust and certainty that you will be fine. Whatever you focus on expands. After I heard this I began affirming that all will be well in my life. I trust this is going to ----. I use "I trust" rather than "I hope" -- since often when you say I hope this works, you're actually saying I'm afraid it won't.


THANK YOU -- to everyone whom I've met recently at the BMSE shows in Portland, Skokie, Schaumburg as well as Madison, Milwaukee and of course California.

Your support of the Archetype Cards has been tremendous. When people tell me how much they enjoy the cards, how great the cards feel and how accurate the cards are -- I am filled with absolute joy. Dorothy and I love hearing your wonderful praise.

In 2010 I will be doing more shows and expanding my work through the internet -- such as this blog and an interactive newsletter and using Skype for readings. You'll be able to share your experiences and ask questions to gain more insight on your personal journey.

January 1, 2010

“There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”

Commitment -- did you make goals or resolutions for 2010? How committed are you to what you want to achieve this year? 

Each year I make a new goal matrix and check how many of the things I want to manifest this year were on last year's list. Too many I find. So this year I'm checking the commitment issue - how committed am I to this goal. Is my goal matrix a Wish List rather than actual things I'd like to create? I'd love to be able to wish exercise and have it be done for me. Or finished books I have on my list to write.

The truth is I have to commit, I have to say Yes! This is what I want to do this year, this is what I want to manifest, this is how I want the year to be created in my life. 

What's on your goal or wish list? What archetype is leading the way? 
Happy New Year everyone! May this be the best year ever! Let's just make it the best year ever!