Archetype: Artist*

Life is an art form. What art form is your life?

The Artist Archetype expresses creativity. The Illuminated Artist is the awareness of your personal art of living. The Shadow Artist never allows your creativity to be developed or thrive.

I heard woman put down her creativity, thinking it's all about drawing. "Oh, I can't draw a straight line," she said.

Of course not, straight lines are drawn with rulers and rules. The art of life is full of squiggles, curves, broad brush strokes, and very few rules and restrictions.

This week examine the art of your life.

  • What art form have you designed?
  • Do you allow your creativity to flow without restriction?
  • Or do you restrict and dismiss creative thoughts before they can be expressed?
Allow the Artist to assist you in visualizing the life you want to create this year. Perhaps you need more color spots -- or an entirely new style? Do something different this week -- visit an art gallery, take a walk in nature, or sit by the fire and dream.

*Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance Copyright 2009 All rights reserved Roi Solberg & Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre

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