Archetype: Chef

The Chef, which represents renewal, was the first archetype I drew for 2010. What a great energetic pattern for a new year.

The Illuminated Chef asks that you examine your life recipes. Are they old and outdated? Do you need to spice up the way you're living? Or is 2010 going to be the same old, same old while you wish away the days hoping for something different?

The Shadow Chef believes the dish is never done or good enough. By using the same old recipes, same thoughts and belief patters, the Shadow's expectation is this time things will be different. But always ends up with the same stew.

Our goals, even New Year Resolutions, have to be in alignment. When Intention, Attention and Expectation are in harmony then things happen, change and a new form of energy is created.

Take a look at what you want to create in 2010 -- are they your dreams and goals or someone else's?
Do you have the commitment to make it happen (intention)? Are you focusing gathering the right ingredients (attention)? Do you have a clear picture (expectation) of how its going to all work for you?

If the answer is no on any one of these then I encourage you to go to the Chef and see what you can do to spice it up.

If the answer is yes, keep moving forward and let the Universe handle the details.
Blessings, roi

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