Archetype: Coward*

Sometimes people get the Coward Archetype card and want to put it back. That was my first reaction in Carolyn Myss's class when I realized that the Coward was one of my major archetypes. That is so not who I am, I declared, but it was.

The Illuminated Coward goes beyond fear to experience courage, while the Shadow Coward never steps out of limitation in order to move forward.

When the Coward Archetype is drawn you are being asked to examine your fears. Are they real or imagined? Does the Shadow Archetype protect you or hinder you?

When clients are reluctant to move forward in life I will ask them,  "What is the worst  that could happen if you were successful?" You should hear the answers. Often the fears are simply blow up boogie-men who loom over the future. All it takes is commitment on your part and these fears pop and deflate like a balloon stuck with a pin.

The Illuminated Coward is about moving forward in life -- right, wrong or indifferent -- you move, you reach for the brass ring. You put your gift for mankind on the table of life and leave it there. You don't judge it, you don't wait for the world to approve it and give you kudos for doing it, nor do you deem unworthy and crawl back in the Coward's corner.

This week examine your fears and embrace your courage.
  • What fears are standing in your way?
  • Where did you get these fears? From family, friends?
  • Give your fear a color. Then give your courage a color. Which is brighter?
  • List three things you can do to overcome the blocks that the Shadow Coward hold over you.
  • Break them down into small steps to begin changing your relationship from one of fear to one of faith.
It takes courage to live. It takes courage to be happy. With the Coward Archetype you can learn to express that courage and share it with others.
Namaste, roi

*Please remember this information is copyrighted in the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance and not to be reprinted without permission.

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