In the works

I've been working on several new things this week --

Redesign of my website - Creating a website is fun, exciting and tedious. Boy, the attention you have to pay to detail is amazing. It is a continuous work in progress -- a little like life, isn't it?

Video taping Spirit of Archetypes card layouts. This project  is in the process of editing and voice over. These visuals will give you a clearer understanding of how to use the cards. The layouts are all in the Spirit of Archetypes book, so you'll have two resources when we're done. And -- there is one new layout in the making.

Skyping -- I'm very excited to be offering reading via Skype. This will be available in April.

Our family uses Skype a lot. Skyping from Europe or Asia keeps everyone in touch.

During the holidays and birthdays we also Skype -- California to PA to Madison. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner together is a kick. Nothing beats being all together in the same place during the holidays, but Skyping is the second best.

The next thing on my list is to record meditations for the Archetypes -- this one is on the back burner, but glowing in my consciousness all the same.

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