Archetype: Hedonist

If I were running the world, every person on earth would be a Hedonist. Illuminated Hedonist, that is.

When you draw the Hedonist Archetype card, you're being asked to examine your relationship to your physical world.

  • Do you experience the joy of living through taste, touch, sight and sound? 
  • What senses do you not allow yourself to enjoy? 
Too often you are critical and judgmental about how much you can enjoy in your life. The meal is the best you've ever eaten, but it cost too much, or was too rich. The life you're leading is great, but  . . . .

Happy children are the greatest example of the illuminated hedonist. They are aware of their senses and express them with great vigor. Your spirit is accessed through feelings.

The Illuminated Hedonist appreciates life and all it has to offer through taste, touch, sight, and sound. The Shadow Hedonist denies the pleasure of sensory experiences.

This week get to know your inner hedonist. Allow the illuminated hedonist to be expressed in everything that you do. Watch what you are denying yourself. Can you awaken your senses to the joy of life?

  • Do you allow yourself to have the best?
  • Are you willing to create a new aliveness in your life?
  • List all the "but's" that keep you from fully enjoying the zest of life this week.
Please feel welcome to share your experiences -- 
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