Archetype: Magician/Wizard

When you draw the Magician/Wizard Archetype card, you are being asked to examine the illusions you are living and believe to be true.

  • How many spells have been cast upon you?
  • Did a person of authority tell you that you are too good or not good enough?
  • What illusions can I release?
Allow the magic of the Illuminated Magician/Wizard to see beyond your self-imposed limitations and create new, empowering spells for yourself.

The Illuminateds Magician/Wizard see the whole of creation from unseen matter, while the Shadows trick and cast illusions, making you believe you are less than perfect.

This week examine what spells you're living under that you identify as simply "that's the way I am". What patterns of action have been handed down and from where and from whom.

Intention is the key to breaking old spells and rituals. We always get the results of our intentions.

This week as you spend time with the Magician/Wizard archetype examine what magic needs to be created in your life -- go beyond the limitations of your reality and allow yourself to dream. Trust the Wizard and Magician to bring a new energetic template of your undiscovered talents into your life.

  • What do I want to create this week?
  • What dreams do I want to manifest?
  • Ask yourself, "Who would I be if I were to . . . ?
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