Archetype: Coward

Thanksgiving is over, the holiday shopping rush started on Black Friday. Were you one of the brave ones out there with the crowds or did you stay home and eat leftovers?

This week's Archetype is the Coward. The Coward is a very interesting archetype and one of my personal set.

When you draw the Coward Archetype card you are being asked to examine your fears.  Are they real or imagined?

How many times do we talk ourselves out of things because of  imaginary fears? Years ago, my friends told me how they wanted to take his elderly mother, who lived in Long Beach California, to New York City to see a play. She would love it, they said. As the conversation continued, they began to express their fears -- his mother was too old to travel, this might happen, that might happen -- until they talked themselves out of a great idea and a wonderful gift to his mom.

How many times have you talked yourself out of wonderful ideas that would not only make you happy, but could change your life?

The Illuminated Coward takes action to move beyond fear to experience courage. The Shadow Coward is afraid of everything and hides to keep safe.

  • Who would you be if you had the courage to live your dreams?
  • How would life be different?
  • Do you live your life through fear or faith?
When you live life through fear -- you get more experiences of fear.
When you live life through faith  -- you get more experiences of faith.

By simply affirming -- "I have faith this will work out." You can start the process of living life from the Illuminated Coward.

So, did I shop on Black Friday? You kidding, I'm not that brave. I stayed home where it was safe.
Have a wonderful week.

Archetype: Storyteller

Monday was a day of chaos and challenge for my family.  I got an early SOS --- my son's car battery was dead, and the members of his household had to get to work and school in different directions. As a result, my day, and plans were shifted and rearranged.

So, why am I sharing this on the Archetype of the Week?  I'm sharing because these life experiences  -- which take us out of our routines and schedules are some of the elements of our "stories".

When you draw the Storyteller Archetype card, you are being asked to take inventory of your life stories.
  • Are your stories sad tales? Happy? 
  • What stories do you repeat to yourself? Are you the hero or the victim?
  • Do the stories you tell yourself empower or dis-empower you?

The Illuminated Storyteller shares knowledge through a good tale.
The Shadow distorts truth and tells it as believable.

  • What stores do you tell about your life? 
  • Are they true or conjured up? 
  • Are your stories told through the Illuminated or the Shadow?
Back to my experiences of yesterday -- as Storyteller, I now have a choice to relate that experience through the Illuminated or the Shadow Storyteller. I can be the victim in the story or I can empower my story by telling how we all rose to the challenge, got everyone to work on time, and the car battery problem resolved.

The Storyteller is a great archetype to explore before the holidays. 
  • Examine your past stories about Thanksgiving.
  • What about Christmas or Hanukkah? 
  • Ask yourself what story do I want to create for this year?
You have the choice to rewrite your story and change your life. Get creative! Make this the best holiday ever! 

Archetype: Thief

Thanksgiving is ten days away. Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa are close on its heels.
Weren't we just celebrating New Year's 2010 last week? Who stole this year?

This week's card is Thief. When you draw the Thief Archetype card, you're being asked to bring him in for questioning.
  • What thievery is going on in your life? 
  • When do you rob  yourself blind? 
  • Do you steal your own self-confidence? 

The Illuminated Thief is inventive in finding ways to create new pathways in life from nonexistent ones. He can break you out of the confinement and restrictions you've created for yourself, and will not allow you to be robbed.

The Shadow Thief steals your confidence, ideas, creativity, and truth. He makes sure you stay in a cell of old ideas, habits, and beliefs.

Do you stay in present time? Or are you off in the the "someday" dream of the future? Or the "shoulda's" of the past?

How do you rob yourself? What qualities, dreams, hopes, and goals do you allow to be stolen before they have a chance to be expressed in your life?

This week keep a keen eye on the thief and how he operates in your life. Bring him in for questioning and let him know he's not allowed to steal you blind any more.

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Archetype: Child

If you want to learn how to do life -- find a two-year old and follow them around for a few hours. Children are great teachers -- they are open and honest about life. They like what they like, cry when unhappy, laugh when happy and sleep when they're tired. A two-year-old lives life to the fullest his day is filled with boundless creativity -- ever seen a child make a rocket ship out of a cardboard box? Make a car out her cookie?

When you draw the Child Archetype card, you're being asked to experiment with your own creativity. Can you create magic from ordinary things?

The illuminated child sees a creative world of possibilities. The shadow child is fearful and can't believe he or she has the right to create.
  • How about you?  
  • Do you allow yourself to play? How often?
  • Can you turn the constrictive box you've created around your life into something magical -- like a rocket ship?
This week find one magical moment each day, then expand that magic to several times a day. Look for things that inspire you, that fill you with awe, things that make you smile.

So many people in our country are struggling now with finances, loss of jobs, loss of homes that the idea of creating magic gets lost in the fears of what is and what might be. When fear goes viral it consumes our creativity. It sucks the life out of good ideas and forward movement.

Trust evaporates.

Whatever you focus on expands, so this week, whether you're in the struggle or beyond, focus on peace, trust, creativity, and compassion for all. Holding good thoughts for the future is vital right now.

The weekly archetypes are from my book Spirit of Archetypes. The book comes with 48 archetypal cards designed by artist Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre. We created the Spirit of Archetypes for you to use as a tool for self discovery as you reconnect to your spirit and purpose. 

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Archetype: Detective

When you draw the Detective, you're being asked to search the patterns of your life. Are you always stuck asking "why," or do you find clues and move on?

The Detective is about revelation; he helps you discover the unknown parts of your creativity and spirit that you've kept hidden from yourself and others. Perhaps you have a dream that you've hidden because you think others will laugh. Or you're afraid to express your personal power because you think others will abandon you.

The illuminated Detective archetype gathers clues, bits of the puzzle, to solve life situations -- both big and small. The shadow always goes to the outside world for answers, wants others to be at fault. When you  always blame on the outside world for your problems, then you never have to accept responsibility for your actions or your life.
  • Do your life patterns hold you prisoner? How? 
  • What are the beliefs behind the patterns?
  • Are parts of your spirit/creativity hidden?
  • What needs to be revealed and resolved for you to more forward with your life?
This week become aware of the clues, pay attention, and listen to the words you say to yourself and others. Get out the magnifying glass and look closely at your life's patterns. Do they work for you? Which ones need to be released? What is waiting in the shadows to come on stage?

Have a great week with the Detective.

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