Archetype: Coward

Thanksgiving is over, the holiday shopping rush started on Black Friday. Were you one of the brave ones out there with the crowds or did you stay home and eat leftovers?

This week's Archetype is the Coward. The Coward is a very interesting archetype and one of my personal set.

When you draw the Coward Archetype card you are being asked to examine your fears.  Are they real or imagined?

How many times do we talk ourselves out of things because of  imaginary fears? Years ago, my friends told me how they wanted to take his elderly mother, who lived in Long Beach California, to New York City to see a play. She would love it, they said. As the conversation continued, they began to express their fears -- his mother was too old to travel, this might happen, that might happen -- until they talked themselves out of a great idea and a wonderful gift to his mom.

How many times have you talked yourself out of wonderful ideas that would not only make you happy, but could change your life?

The Illuminated Coward takes action to move beyond fear to experience courage. The Shadow Coward is afraid of everything and hides to keep safe.

  • Who would you be if you had the courage to live your dreams?
  • How would life be different?
  • Do you live your life through fear or faith?
When you live life through fear -- you get more experiences of fear.
When you live life through faith  -- you get more experiences of faith.

By simply affirming -- "I have faith this will work out." You can start the process of living life from the Illuminated Coward.

So, did I shop on Black Friday? You kidding, I'm not that brave. I stayed home where it was safe.
Have a wonderful week.

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Barbara said...

I shopped for ping pong balls at the nearest Shopko after lunch on Black Friday. I'm not a crazy, but this Archetype does describe me. I always tried to brave my fears down so that the kids would grow up brave.