Archetype: Detective

When you draw the Detective, you're being asked to search the patterns of your life. Are you always stuck asking "why," or do you find clues and move on?

The Detective is about revelation; he helps you discover the unknown parts of your creativity and spirit that you've kept hidden from yourself and others. Perhaps you have a dream that you've hidden because you think others will laugh. Or you're afraid to express your personal power because you think others will abandon you.

The illuminated Detective archetype gathers clues, bits of the puzzle, to solve life situations -- both big and small. The shadow always goes to the outside world for answers, wants others to be at fault. When you  always blame on the outside world for your problems, then you never have to accept responsibility for your actions or your life.
  • Do your life patterns hold you prisoner? How? 
  • What are the beliefs behind the patterns?
  • Are parts of your spirit/creativity hidden?
  • What needs to be revealed and resolved for you to more forward with your life?
This week become aware of the clues, pay attention, and listen to the words you say to yourself and others. Get out the magnifying glass and look closely at your life's patterns. Do they work for you? Which ones need to be released? What is waiting in the shadows to come on stage?

Have a great week with the Detective.

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