Archetype: Storyteller

Monday was a day of chaos and challenge for my family.  I got an early SOS --- my son's car battery was dead, and the members of his household had to get to work and school in different directions. As a result, my day, and plans were shifted and rearranged.

So, why am I sharing this on the Archetype of the Week?  I'm sharing because these life experiences  -- which take us out of our routines and schedules are some of the elements of our "stories".

When you draw the Storyteller Archetype card, you are being asked to take inventory of your life stories.
  • Are your stories sad tales? Happy? 
  • What stories do you repeat to yourself? Are you the hero or the victim?
  • Do the stories you tell yourself empower or dis-empower you?

The Illuminated Storyteller shares knowledge through a good tale.
The Shadow distorts truth and tells it as believable.

  • What stores do you tell about your life? 
  • Are they true or conjured up? 
  • Are your stories told through the Illuminated or the Shadow?
Back to my experiences of yesterday -- as Storyteller, I now have a choice to relate that experience through the Illuminated or the Shadow Storyteller. I can be the victim in the story or I can empower my story by telling how we all rose to the challenge, got everyone to work on time, and the car battery problem resolved.

The Storyteller is a great archetype to explore before the holidays. 
  • Examine your past stories about Thanksgiving.
  • What about Christmas or Hanukkah? 
  • Ask yourself what story do I want to create for this year?
You have the choice to rewrite your story and change your life. Get creative! Make this the best holiday ever! 

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