Archetype: Thief

Thanksgiving is ten days away. Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa are close on its heels.
Weren't we just celebrating New Year's 2010 last week? Who stole this year?

This week's card is Thief. When you draw the Thief Archetype card, you're being asked to bring him in for questioning.
  • What thievery is going on in your life? 
  • When do you rob  yourself blind? 
  • Do you steal your own self-confidence? 

The Illuminated Thief is inventive in finding ways to create new pathways in life from nonexistent ones. He can break you out of the confinement and restrictions you've created for yourself, and will not allow you to be robbed.

The Shadow Thief steals your confidence, ideas, creativity, and truth. He makes sure you stay in a cell of old ideas, habits, and beliefs.

Do you stay in present time? Or are you off in the the "someday" dream of the future? Or the "shoulda's" of the past?

How do you rob yourself? What qualities, dreams, hopes, and goals do you allow to be stolen before they have a chance to be expressed in your life?

This week keep a keen eye on the thief and how he operates in your life. Bring him in for questioning and let him know he's not allowed to steal you blind any more.

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