Archetype: Child

If you want to learn how to do life -- find a two-year old and follow them around for a few hours. Children are great teachers -- they are open and honest about life. They like what they like, cry when unhappy, laugh when happy and sleep when they're tired. A two-year-old lives life to the fullest his day is filled with boundless creativity -- ever seen a child make a rocket ship out of a cardboard box? Make a car out her cookie?

When you draw the Child Archetype card, you're being asked to experiment with your own creativity. Can you create magic from ordinary things?

The illuminated child sees a creative world of possibilities. The shadow child is fearful and can't believe he or she has the right to create.
  • How about you?  
  • Do you allow yourself to play? How often?
  • Can you turn the constrictive box you've created around your life into something magical -- like a rocket ship?
This week find one magical moment each day, then expand that magic to several times a day. Look for things that inspire you, that fill you with awe, things that make you smile.

So many people in our country are struggling now with finances, loss of jobs, loss of homes that the idea of creating magic gets lost in the fears of what is and what might be. When fear goes viral it consumes our creativity. It sucks the life out of good ideas and forward movement.

Trust evaporates.

Whatever you focus on expands, so this week, whether you're in the struggle or beyond, focus on peace, trust, creativity, and compassion for all. Holding good thoughts for the future is vital right now.

The weekly archetypes are from my book Spirit of Archetypes. The book comes with 48 archetypal cards designed by artist Dorothy Rittal-McIntyre. We created the Spirit of Archetypes for you to use as a tool for self discovery as you reconnect to your spirit and purpose. 

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