Archetype: Sage/Crone

Brrrr -- it is cold and getting colder here in Madison WI. The temperature at the moment is 2 degrees. High projected to be 12 degrees. Excellent day to stay inside by a warm fire to reflect and ponder the archetype of the week.

The Sage/Crone is the archetype of the Week. Very fitting for the last twelve days before Christmas, and the closing out of 2010.

The Sage/Crone asks that you review your entire lifetime, regardless of your age.
  • Have you learned from your experiences? 
  • Do you constantly look back at the way life used to be rather than living in the here and now? 
  • Are you heavily invested in blaming others for the unhappiness in your life?
The Illuminated Sage moves into the wisdom of each and every experience. The Sage is the masculine energy that assists you in finding the truth about your relationship to the world at large and give you the patience to find it.

The Shadow Sage is old, repetitive, and snarly. It is that inside voice that tells you what you did wrong and how you'll never be able to make it right. 

The Illuminated Crone is the wizened Goddess energy of the world. Your manifestations through the Crone are created through your gathered wisdom, patience, and action.

The Shadow Crone is lost in a world of mourning the life she had as a maiden. You will doubt your own wisdom and ability to make clear, concise, and wise decisions.

As you close out this year -- 
  • Make a list of all your accomplishments for 2010
  • Include all the gifts your received in the year
  • Give thanks for your life
Then begin to visualize, dream, and manifest 2011.
In January, I'll give you ideas for Starting Your New Year off Right!

Archetype: Rescuer

Wheee!  it is cold here in Madison. 12 degrees at the moment and I have no idea what the wind chill factor is -- nor do I want to go outside and find out.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May this be your best year ever.

This week's archetype is the Rescuer. This is a great time of the year to explore the Rescuer archetypal energy.

When you draw the Rescuer Archetype card you are being asked to take a good look at your relationship with yourself, as well as others.

  • Are you surrounded by needy people who call on you to rescue them? 
  • Do you have the strength and ability to rescue? 
  • Can you let go once you rescue?

The Illuminated Rescuer has the strength and commitment to come to the aid of other people. She's available for short term assistance: once the rescue is over, she goes on her way. The inner rescuer speaks to you when you're going the wrong way or have gotten yourself in a pickle and need to get free.

The Shadow Rescuer often creates the problem so she can be rescued or be the rescuer. Perhaps you create chaos in your life or in the lives of others so that you can be rescued. The purpose of constantly rescuing others is to avoid facing your own fears.

Too many of us are in the Shadow Rescuer. We jump at the opportunity to assist others, even when they don't ask.  It is a great way to avoid what is going on in your own life and take action to resolve issues.

Allow others to ask you for help, rather than jumping in to take over. Then do what you can and when the crisis or issue is over, allow yourself to walk away.
  • What areas of your life need rescuing?
  • Who could you turn to for help?
  • Do you take on other people's drama's? 
Have a great, peaceful holiday. Blessings, roi