Releasing and Clearing

Out with the old and in with the new -- the motto for 2012!

Time to let go of what no longer serves you or empowers you. The first place to begin is in your home.

Periodic cleansing of your home and all items in your possession  is recommended to keep you clear of unwanted energy. Just as you shower or bath you want to cleanse the energetic part of your life. 

Since everything you own holds a part of your energetic frequency it is always a good idea surround yourself with only those things that empower you. For the rest, bless them and give them away.

Where to begin? Look around your house, beginning at the front door. If an object doesn't make you smile, or give you a good feeling, then remove it and replace with one that does. 

When I'm cleaning out an area that's overwhelming, I start in one corner, with my back to the rest of the room. I only see what's in front of me and using the "feel good" method, I select what I want to see in that space. When it is clear and to my liking, I then expand the process, corner by corner until the entire room is finished. 

Bless the things you give away so the next user is free and clear of your energy. Likewise, anything you bring into your home or space, cleanse and bless for the highest good of all.


"Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston has a great article on clearing energy:

The Art of Manifesting

Manifestation is created from the inside out. Imagine the center of the earth where molten lava flows out to solidify into the ground you walk on.

Your inner world works the same way. You have your own center of fire in your heart. When you allow your heart to expresses the passion of who you are and what you love it manifests into life in the outer world.

The words you think, the words you speak, and the beliefs you hold create the energy that propels your goals and dreams out into the world.

Each thought and emotion has an energetic wave that moves from your heart center and solidifies, like the molten lava, into solid form to create your life experiences that becomes your life story.

Every thought has a frequency of fear or faith. Fear is a powerful energy that is the basis for all negativity. Fearful thoughts create the opportunity for you to have more experiences of fear. Fear and negativity are like a reverse magnet that creates a barrier to your goals.

Faith, which has an equally strong frequency, creates the opportunity for you to have more experiences of faith. And, also like a magnet, pulls the manifestations closer.

By simply changing your words from "I'm afraid . . ." to "I trust . . . " you can create a different experience as you manifest your goals in life.

Monday - October 3rd

It's October already. Amazing how this year has flown by, faster than last year, I believe. I've been traveling to Europe, got home and it took a while to recover from the jet lag. This past weekend I took part in Shamanic Studies, with Jaes Seis, - powerful weekend.

This morning, I reflected on how I got to this point in my spiritual life. My journey has not always easy or pleasant, but each and every experience definitely worthwhile. 

(The following is from EnSpirit -- a class I designed in 2001.)

My awakening to spiritual consciousness, shifting from the seen to the unseen, and the re-membering of my authentic self, was a rocky road in the beginning. For the majority of my life it was easier for me to live in the energy of spirit, ignoring my body and floating about, rather than living in present.  

I spent years resisting and denying what I knew I was here to do. The denial started when I was a young child.  I had a vision of serving the people and that scared me. I ran crying to my mother she assured me that "I didn't have to -- " . . . . I believed her.    She was wrong.

I created a life of resistance and at the same time learned about energy and the power of white light and knew instinctively how to use it for protection and send it long distances for others to use for healing.  

The sound of OM vibrated through my head before I knew what it meant.  I experienced many things along the way to being comfortable with my relationship to spirit including soul-travel and bi-locating, which I found easier than soul-travel!

I experienced the disappearance of my body into tiny cellular crystals of light energy. And during this time of confusion and spiritual chaos, I had visions, including spirits of three Aboriginals who stood at the foot of my bed while the Rainbow serpent lay squared on the mattress edges.  They handed me a gift that I could not comprehend at the time, and now live.

I became aware of my past lives as a leader of people who were betrayed and slaughtered by others and  I died in that lifetime swearing to never, ever to be responsible for anyone else's soul/spirit again.

I prayed for guidance and experienced a cacophony of noise and energy from too many spirits talking at once. I got to the point of giving up, turning a deaf ear to all input.  I felt isolated and abandoned. My arguments with God were long and terrific and at times horrific -- until I realized, and accepted that the forces and energies of god and spiritual beings are on my side and want only the best for me. 

The most vital thing I learned through all of this is that spirit is always with you, protecting you, leading you to do what serves you. You just have to say, YES, and open the door.  Because, when you keep the door closed, spirit camps on your doorstep, using any means necessary to move you forward to activate your contract, through either choice points or surrender points. 

Somewhere along the  way, after a great many surrender points, I suppose I got tired of going one more round with god and chose to let her win.  After all it truly is easier to ride the horse in the direction it's going!
Many Blessings, roi


The next 11 days I'll be out of the country. Left the house and the kitties with Meghan who a great cat/house sitter.  Thank you Meghan!

Monday the 19th we'll start the archetypes again.
In the meantime, be happy.

Monday's Archetype - Chef

Mercury has been in retro for a month -- at my house it seems like forever! Fortunately it went direct last week. Let's give it another few days and then we should be moving forward at a smoother pace.

Today's archetype is the Chef. When you draw the Chef Archetype card you want to take a look at what needs spicing up in your life. What needs a new ingredient?

My friend Judy just emailed she wants to add more ha-ha's to her life and take her "to-do" list as a suggestion, not commandments written in stone.

The Chef Archetype is about renewal. The Illuminated reviews old life recipes -- beliefs, habits, and patterns -- then adds new ingredients for change. The Shadow Chef  recycles old ideas and is never satisfied and continually disappointed in life.

Is your life a feast of experiences or cold leftovers?

Much to do on my list today -- lots of want-to's and have-to's. I'm going to add some new ways of doing them to make them fun.

Enjoy your day --

PS: I was a guest on the Annette Martin Show last week. I had a great time! I'll be posting the podcast on the blog and my website soon.

Music for Healing

On Annette Martin's radio show I recommended healing music of Steven Halpren

Thursday's Archetype - Saboteur

Saboteur -- how many ways can you sabotage your dreams and goals? Reflect on the things you've wanted to create and for some reason failed. Underneath all the trauma-drama, you'll find the Saboteur at work.

This is a very cunning archetype -- for me, he shows up as logic. I'll get an intuitive hit and I can analyze it to the point that I'd be crazy to do such a thing. That's when I have to reset and explore what my intuition is telling me above and beyond my logical thinking.

The Illuminated Saboteur makes you aware of when and how you sabotage your dreams and the goals you want to manifest in life.

The Shadow Saboteur will keep you spinning and doubting so you never achieve your life's purpose.

List what hasn't worked for you and then start analyzing who, what, when and where the Shadow Saboteur took over.

Yesterday, I was on the Annette Martin Psychic World radio show and I had a great time -- thanks to Annette and Margaret for making it such a joy.

I'll be posting the podcast soon -- many blessings, roi

Wednesday's Archetype - Child

Fools, Clowns, Monks and Thieves, Rebels, Tricksters, Seekers and Crones -- I hung out with them all last weekend. And loved every minute of it.

I had a great time at the BMS Expo in Skokie IL on Saturday and Sunday. Met so many interesting people, as well as, expo friends I only see  at the shows.

Today we continue with one of the four basic archetypes -- the Child.

The Child Archetype is about Inventiveness.
When you draw this card you are being asked to examine and experiment with your own creativity.

  • Can you create magic from ordinary things?
  • Do you allow yourself to play?
  • Children laugh at life -- do you?
The Illuminated Child lives in a world of possibilities and creative wonder. Anything is possible. He may not have all the answers -- just a multitude of questions. 

The Shadow Child is fearful and can't believe that he has the right or power to create. He feels lost, abandoned and has too many rules and regulations to follow before he can play. He tends to cry about the unfairness of life, but feels powerless to change it.

When you are in the Shadow Child, you don't trust your intuition and the information you receive. This leaves you more confused and fretful about your connection to higher power.

The Illuminated Child trusts that whatever he receives is meant for his highest good. That angels and spirits guide him every moment of life.

Have a great day -- join me on at 1:00 central time -11:00 PST.
I'll be a guest on the Annette Martin Show.

Many blessings, roi

Today - BMSE Skokie IL

I'm at the Expo for Body, Mind & Spirit in Skokie IL.

Today, 2-3:00, I'm giving a talk on how to Change Your Story and Change Your Life.
Join me if you're in the area --

Wednesday's Archetype -- Prostitute

Has anyone else felt the effect of Mercury's retrograde this month!? Man-o-mano -- it's kicking up over at my house - computers, email systems, hot water heaters, recording devices -- they are all going haywire.

Fortunately the hot water issue is resolved. Recording -- not so well.

When planets go retro we're advise to relax, review, reflect . . .  altho, it's hard to relax in a cold shower.

Today's Archetype is the Prostitute. The Shadow Prostitute will sell out for anything or anyone he thinks is stronger.  Our fears are one of the biggest things we sell out for -- fear that we can't, or people won't, or I'll fail.

The Illuminated Prostitute is about confidence. Trust in yourself and what you create. Address those fears and see where the Prostitute can assist alleviating them.

Look at what stops you. I think it's often the small things that stop you and allow to steal your confidence and forward movement in life.

The Illuminated Prostitute Archetype allows you live centered in faith. You refuse to sell out for anything or anyone.

Hang on -- Mercury's Retro will be over the end of the month. Let's affirm smooth sailing for September.
Blessings, roi

Tuesday's Archetype -- Artist

How is your world designed? Colorful? Drab? Exciting friends and new places? Is your conversation lively and refreshing or do you recycle old thoughts and ideas, beliefs and patterns.

The Artist Archetype is asking you to look and take stock of your art of living. At how you create your life. Do you paint yourself as a victim or a champion?

Jack Kornfeld tells of a native group who search for the song of the unborn child before conception. The mother goes out to the wilderness and listens for the song of her child. She returns and sings it to her husband. They sing the song while they are conceiving -- during the pregnancy they teach the song to the villagers and everyone sings to the child at birth.

When the child grows up and marries, the villagers sing both songs of husband and wife. When death is near, the villagers sing the person's song for the last time.

Each of us had a unique song to sing, an art to create, and a beautiful life to create share with others. Each of us is special -- allow the Artist Archetype to be free to create and reveal that special part of you to the yourself and the world.

More on the website --
Many blessings, roi

PS: remember that whatever you focus on expands.

Monday's Archetype - Hermit

New week, new day, new archetype -- last week was a real challenge for me. This week I've decided to change my story -- let go of last week's story and create a new one.  You can do that, you know.

Today's Archetype is the Hermit. The Hermit is about going within to find the wisdom and gifts of your life and bring them out to the world to share. You can go within through actual withdrawal from the world, as I do with my Stop-The-World days, or through meditation, or reflective thinking and journaling.

For me the Hermit allows me to reset, as I have done for this week, to clear out what isn't working -- thought patterns, old habits, and old beliefs -- and reconnect to what does; to find the truth underneath all the trauma-drama and get back to spirit and true self.

The Illuminated Hermit knows when it is time to go within, explore the darkness, find the truth and bring it out to the world to share.

The Shadow Hermit is afraid of the world, goes into the cave, rolls the rock in front and refuses to come out for anything or anyone. He keeps his gifts hidden even from himself.

Hermit asks you to look at how you're balancing your life. Are you working to much and not enough play? Examine how you're experiencing the Hermit and allow your story to change to one that empowers you.

This weekend I'll be at the BMSE Expo in Skokie IL  -- booth 142 doing Past/Present/Future Archetypal readings, $40 plus you get the set of Spirit of Archetype cards.

Plus, I'm giving two talks on Change Your Story and Change Your Life --Saturday the 20th at 2:00 and Sunday the 21st at 5:00.

Please join me -- say hello, get a reading and join me at the lectures.

Archetype of the Day --Victim

Yesterday in the early morning hours my email account was hijacked. Requests for money were sent to everyone on my contact list.  It seems I was stranded in Scotland and while the Scots would let me leave without a passport (really?) they would not let me leave without paying my hotel bill.

I received numerous phone calls and emails from concerned friends and clients, who know it was a hoax, but wanted to make sure I  knew. I chatted with people I'd not heard from in years. We laughed and had a great time. One friend offered me her 83 frequent flier miles -- we chuckled over how far that would get me -- to the end of the runway.

The past week has been a challenge -- my niece unexpectedly died on Saturday night, my son and family moved to the East coast on Monday afternoon, and I lost all my contacts on Thursday.

With the Victim Archetype I had choice -- I could do the woe is me to all my friends who contacted me, or I could see the gift and appreciate their concern, caring, and generous offers of support, if indeed, I really was stranded in another country.

Life gives us choices at each and every moment of life. I have been in the process of letting go of what was and moving into what is and will be for me. Loss of my niece, whom I know is at peace, my family leaving, and the emails hijacked were all another avenue of letting go.

The Illuminated Victim Archetype is about empowerment -- finding the gift. It is never about what happens to us in life -- it's about what we do with what happens that's important.

Besides, if this is the worse thing that happens to me, then I'm good.

And I trust you are too.

Wednesday's Archetype - Innocent

When you draw the Innocent Archetype card you are being asked to evaluate your relationship to the universal order.

  • Do you have a childlike innocence of trust and faith?
  • Are you hiding in a corner of your life - refusing to venture out?
  • Can you appreciate the gifts of your life and share them with others?
The Illuminated Innocent is one of the purest archetypal forms. The Innocent is connected to spirit with a keen sense of all the wonders and wisdom that life has to offer.

The Shadow Innocent declares "I don't know" rather than face responsibility. The Shadow Innocent lets you hide safely inside your own singular world, afraid to step over the threshold into life.

What needs to be released from you life right now? What's holding you back from completely trusting the world? 

Thursday's Archetype - Lover

When you draw the Lover Archetype card, you're being asked to examine your heart's desires.

  • What does your heart say you want?
  • Do you allow your heart a vote?
  • Do you allow your goals, dreams, and creative ideas to be dropped for better ones?
The Illuminated Lover is the pure expression of the heart. When you are doing what you love, your passion radiates from your heart and into the world.

The Shadow Lover loves many things and is satisfied with none. You will continually set yourself up to destroy what you have so you can go out and create a passion for something new.

The Lover reminds us that the heart is an important partner in the Mind, Body, Spirit equation. If you are only creating from your mind, then the longings of the heart are ignored, creating an imbalance. The imbalance creates a longing and you find life unsatisfying. 

Honor what you love. List your heart's desires, letting go of the shoulds, woulds, and coulds.
More on website: and

Wednesday's Archetype - King/Queen

What a day! Mercury is in retro until the 26th and it is sure playing havoc in my personal world. How about you?

When you draw the King/Queen archetype you are beings asked to assess your relationship to your world. 
  • Do you have reign over your life?
  • Are you taking full responsibility for your expression of personal power?
  • Do you simply give the illusion of power while your world is crumbling?

The Illuminated King reigns through the expression of personal power, ideas, prosperity, and creativity. 
The Shadow King is impoverished and maintains a facade of power, living in a castle that is crumbling around him.

The Illuminated Queen empowers the virtues of love, compassion, and nurturing. 
The Shadow Queen is jealous and vindictive, and destroys in order to hold her place on the throne.

The King/Queen represents integrity. Are you in integrity with yourself? Take a look at your "kingdom". Is your life all that you dreamed it could and would be? Do you revere your body, home, and all aspects of life? What royal decrees do you need to proclaim to create your best life?

More on 

Tuesday's Archetype -- Magician/Wizard

Can you believe that it is August already? I think the Magician or the Wizard is making time disappear. When the Magician/Wizard card is drawn you're being asked to examine the illusions you are living and believe to be true.

  • Have spells been cast upon you?
  • Did someone tell you that you were not good enough? 
  • What limitation have you created in your life?
The Illuminated Magician creates from the unseen by going beyond the limits of reality. 
The Shadow Magician tricks you into believing that you're a victim and tosses you into self-defeating actions.

The Illuminated Wizard sees the whole of creation rather than random parts when he's creating something new. The Shadow Wizard casts a spell that distorts your view of life. 

The Magician/Wizard is about clarity. How clear are you on your life? Can you use the magic of the Magician/Wizard to go beyond your illusions and limitations to live the life you dream of having?

Monday's Archetype -- Hermit

What a way to start off the week with Hermit. When you draw the Hermit Archetype you're being asked to examine how you retreat from your world.

  • Do you need to retreat and regenerate? 
  • Are you hiding your feelings and hurts?
  • What gifts are you hiding from yourself and others?
The Illuminated Hermit balances light and dark. She regenerates by going to a quiet place to reflect and evaluate her experiences. Gathering energy she then goes back out into the world to share her gifts.

The Shadow Hermit is afraid of the world, so she goes into her "cave" rolls the rock in front and never comes out to share her gifts or wisdom.

We all need to have a quiet place in our life to go to rebalance and regenerate. A place to turn down the noise of the outer world and listen to the voice within. 

Give yourself permission to withdraw once in a while and you'll discover that it's easier to stay present with yourself and others.

I call it Stop-The-World-Day. When I need to regather myself I have a STWD and I spend that day sleeping, reading, meditating, eating or watching a movie. It is my day to do whatever I like. Try it. 

You can read more on the website about my work and see all of the Spirit of Archetype Cards.

Have a happy week!

Thursday's Archetype - Alchemist

The Alchemist ask that you examine what needs to change in your life.

  • Beliefs? 
  • Actions? 
  • Habits and patterns?
The Illuminated Alchemist represents change and transformation to a new level of energy. 
The Shadow Alchemist keeps things stuck in "trauma-drama" without allowing the gifts of your experiences to be transformed.

When change is resisted and the focus remains on the problem rather than the solution, you're actually turning up the heat and creating more chaos in your life. The higher the flame, the stronger the chaos -- and the deeper the transformation process will be.

Envision the life you want. Visualize how your new life will look, feel, and sound. 
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Wednesday's Archetype -- Olympian

The Olympian Archetype asks you to examine your commitments to yourself and to others.

  • How motivated are you to succeed?
  • Do you dream and never take action?
  • How honorable are you in your commitments to yourself.
The Illuminated Olympian is in the game to win. Never wavering from the goal. 
The Shadow Olympian never gets off the starting block, much less making it to the finish line.

As a person of integrity you keep your commitments to other people -- but, what about to yourself? When you start a project, or goal, do you follow though. Do you make sure that you put your time and effort before anything else? 

The Olympian is about commitment -- making commitments and keeping commitments -- to yourself.

Are you ready to begin? Are you willing to develop the strength and stamina it takes to reach the finish line?

More on the Spirit of Archetypes at

Tuesday's Archetype -- Storyteller

The Storyteller Archetype is asking that you take a good look at the stories you tell.

  • Are you the hero/heroine or the victim?
  • What about the people you befriend -- do they have success or failure stories?
The stories you tell yourself create your life. If you want to know how you're doing, check your friend's stories, they reflect who you are.

Years ago I had two clients, friends who had everything going for them, except sad personal stories. They focused on the negative, what they didn't have in their lives. 

I ran into them a few months after we worked together, they told me -- "we used to get together for coffee and commiserate about our problems, how bad our lives were going, and now we talk about how happy we are and we laugh and laugh."

Changing your story will change your life. You have a choice to live through fear or faith. Fear will give you more experiences of fear, and faith more experiences of faith -- your choice.

So listen to your stories. Tell the good things. Own your strength and creativity.

More information about the Spirit of Archetypes and my work on


Monday's Archetype - Mother/Father

The Mother/Father card asks you to examine how you are caring for yourself.

  • Do you support and nurture your dreams and goals?
  • When do you abandon yourself?
  • Do you love the life you're leading now?
The Illuminated Mother is the life-giver who nurtures her children, allowing them to grow and become independent.  She is your support, helping you to see and to celebrate all the success in all your endeavors.

The Shadow Mother destroys by non-nurturing neglect. She is quick to point out your faults and make you believe you'll never be able to overcome them and do better.

The Illuminated Father provides the foundation for the expression of goal and dreams. He is the one who assists you in "owning" your work with great pride.

The Shadow Father is absent in authority and neglects the fundamental issues of ideas, goals, -- your creativity becomes orphans left in the work to fend for themselves.

For more information on the Spirit of Archetypes visit

Archetype of the Day - Midas

The Midas Archetype is asking that you evaluate your relationship with abundance and wealth.

  • What are your beliefs about money?
  • Who would you be if you allowed yourself all the abundance that life has to offer?
  • What are your fears about creativity and wealth?
The Illuminated Midas trusts that his expression of life and his gift to the world are worthy of compensation. And, knows that money is simply solidified creativity.

The Shadow Midas believes in lack and controls his world by hoarding what is his --- money, life dreams, self-expression, generosity to others, and creativity, as well as love and spirit.

Take a look at where you are generous and loving -- with yourself and others.
Where and when do you hold back?

You can read more about the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance at

Archetype of the Day - Martyr

When you draw the Martyr archetype card you're being asked to assess your commitment to the purpose of your life.

  • Do you know what you're here to accomplish?
  • Do you avoid taking action?
  • What are you afraid to commit to doing or being?
The Illuminated Martyr draws great strength from your commitment to the purpose or task, and will not give up or be drawn off. 

The Shadow Martyr is cunning, manipulative, and without integrity. 

Martyr symbolizes Commitment. Are you aligned with your purpose? Can you commit to fulfilling your goals and dreams?

You can read more about the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance at

Archetype of the Day - Monk/Nun

The Monk/Nun is asking if you are grounded in your spirituality -- do you allow your head and heart to be in balance?
  • What is your relationship to spirit? 
  • Do you give yourself a place of peace to meditate and reflect on the mysteries of life? 
  • Are you hiding parts of yourself from the world?
The Illuminated Monk motivates you explore the power of your soul in order to create balance between the desires of your heart and your mind.

The Shadow Monk is judgmental of everyone and everything that is not in alignment with his beliefs.

The Illuminated Nun brings reverence to your everyday rituals of life. 

The Shadow Nun wants your life to be lived within the confines of purpose to a single-minded belief that exalts you above all others.

The Monk/Nun is about Spirituality.
  • Do you tend to retreat and hide from yourself and others? 
  • Do you allow your heart to have a vote? 

You can read more about the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance at

Archetype of the Day -- Warrior

We close out the week with Warrior --

When the Warrior Archetype Card is drawn, you're being asked to evaluate your personal strength, courage, and commitment to your life, spirit and creativity.
  • What are your goals?
  • Are you using the traits of the Warrior to achieve them?
  • Do you get caught up in skirmishes instead of focusing on victory?
The Illuminated Warrior represents strength, courage, and the commitment to protect -- boundaries, personal possessions, family, home, creativity and spirit. The Warrior is there when you must stand up for your ideals and refuse to be drawn off center.

The Shadow Warrior is always at war with something or someone. The conflict has more importance than the resolution.

The Warrior is about STRENGTH. 
Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance on

Archetype of the Day -- Saboteur

Sabotage!  Saboteur is one of the four basic archetypes we all have -- Saboteur, Victim, Prostitute, and Child. They often gang up and either serve you well in their illuminated forms, or destroy in their shadow forms.

When you draw the Saboteur card you're being asked to identify the ways you sabotage yourself and others.
  • Is it logic?
  • Is it emotion? 
  • Do you find that you break down when you get close to success?
  • What are the ways in which you sabotage yourself?
The Illuminated Saboteur is a strong ally, much like the Knight or Warrior. He helps you identify how and when you disempower yourself. His purpose is to keep you committed to your goal or project.

The Shadow Saboteur plays havoc with your life. He creates self-defeating mind chatter that plays with repetitious negativity that keeps you stuck without hope of change.

The Saboteur Archetype is about HONOR. Do you honor your life, work, creativity, and spirit? Do you refuse to allow anyone or anything sabotage you.

Check out the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance on

Archetype of the Day -- Thief

When you draw the Thief Archetype you're being asked to bring him in for questioning. The biggest thief you'll ever encounter is YOU!

  • Examine the thievery going on in your life, in your spirit.
  • When and under what circumstances do you rob yourself blind?
  • Do you steal your own self-confidence? 
  • Are you ready to reform the Thief in your life?
The Illuminated Thief knows all the tricks of the trade that you use to rob your spirit and he will NOT allow it happen. This archetype guides you around and beyond the restrictions you've created for yourself -- beliefs such as: "If I do this, something back will happen and I'll be in trouble."

The Shadow Thief is well known for stealing, breaking laws, and makes sure you end up in a cell of old ideas, habits, and beliefs. You most often steal from yourself -- your self-confidence, your self-respect, and self-determination to create the life you want.

The Thief Archetype is about Protection. 
Check out the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance on

Archetype of the Day -- Artist

Life is an art form. What art does your life express?

When you draw the Artist Archetype card you are being asked to evaluate your creative process.

  • What creative dreams do you carry?
  • Are you expressing them?
  • Hiding them? 
  • Are you living in the Illuminated or the Shadow Artist?
The Illuminated Artist is aware of the personal art of living and knows that creativity and spirit are synonymous. The world is color, texture, balance and harmony.

The Shadow Artist can't allow creativity to be developed and thrive in the world. She starves for acknowledgement and recognition not realizing creativity is an inside job. So the Shadow Artist will hide, or suppress, all her gifts in the belief that no one will ever appreciate her.

The Artist Archetype is Creativity. 

Each moment of your life is an expression of your creativity and spirit.
Check out the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance on

Archetype of the Day -- Clown

Clown Archetype -- what a fun way to start off this stormy Monday morning, at least here in Madison WI.

When the Clown Archetype shows up you're being asked to look at how you balance your spirit. The Clown Archetype is about Emotion.

  • Do you laugh every day?
  • How do you reflect others' strengths, beliefs, or failures? With joy? Or sadness?
  • Do you keep your distance from your own spirit and creativity?
In today's world there are many things bombarding  your spirit. Angst and anxiety are a daily ritual for many people and that energy reflects on all of you whether we are conscious of it or not. Energy moving around and through you becomes thick and dense, creating a feeling of tiredness. The Clown lets you rejuvenate your spirit.

The Illuminated Clown is a  powerful, energetic antidote that comes in the form of laughter to break up that density and rebalance your spirit.

The Shadow Clown wears a mask that hides the pain and fear of life. She'll go out of her way to make others laugh so no one can see her own pained or anger.

Start this week off with a lot of laughter, celebrate the joy of your life with giggles today.

Check out the Spirit of Archetypes: Cards of Spiritual Guidance on

Storyteller -- June 27th

The Storyteller says now is the time to take inventory of your life stories. Are your stories fresh and uplifting? Or old and tired? Are you the Hero or the Victim?  Which ones do you repeat to yourself and others? Are they true?

The Illuminated Storyteller gathers the teaching of life and spirit and turns them into tales easily understood. She gives texture, color and feeling to your life.

The Shadow Storyteller tells a distorted story that becomes truth in your life. "I'm not good enough." "I'll never be successful."

Ask yourself is my life based on truth or fiction? What stories do you tell about your life? Do they support the true you? Or keep you spinning in fear and doubt?

If you don't like your stories, change them. Create a story that empowers you and all you do.

Many Blessings, roi

Infinity Dinner

I had a great time at the Infinity Dinner and met so many wonderful people. 
Thanks for coming by the table for readings and chats.

Archetype of the Week -- Bully

Bully Archetype represents Power.

What is your relationship to power? Does your Bully push you beyond your comfort zone? Or keep you cowering in the corner?

The Illuminated Bully is a big supporter and a great leader. He knows when to push the boundaries beyond your present skills into the uncharted territory of yet-to-be revealed talents.

The Shadow Bully is the flip side of the Coward Archetype often talking too loudly to overcome fears and shortcomings. The shadow is a destructive force that tells you how inadequate you are and emphasizes all your limitations to keep you in your place,

How does your archetypal Bully work for you -- for or against?

Start Your New Year Right!

Start Your New Year Right!
January 20, 2011
Madison Wisconsin
6:30 - 9:00 pm
$15 per person

Seating limited, please register in advance.

Get ready for your best year ever! When I presented this program last year, every seat was taken. Guests loved the interaction and insights, and several called later in the year to report results: Projects completed. Goals attained. Relationships finally straightened out. 

You'll discover what you really want to achieve, and find new purpose and meaning in each day. 
· Define what it is you want.
· Examine your beliefs about your ability to achieve it.
· Decide whether your intentions, attentions and expectations are in  alignment.
· Ask yourself, do you believe you can do it?
· Explore the four basic life archetypes and the role they play in your life story.

  By the end of the evening you will have identified, examined, and articulated exactly what it is that you want to manifest in 2011. Unlike New Year's resolutions that are forgotten by the end of January, you can create a plan of action to keep you on track for the year.
Directions given on registration.