Start Your New Year Right!

Start Your New Year Right!
January 20, 2011
Madison Wisconsin
6:30 - 9:00 pm
$15 per person

Seating limited, please register in advance.

Get ready for your best year ever! When I presented this program last year, every seat was taken. Guests loved the interaction and insights, and several called later in the year to report results: Projects completed. Goals attained. Relationships finally straightened out. 

You'll discover what you really want to achieve, and find new purpose and meaning in each day. 
· Define what it is you want.
· Examine your beliefs about your ability to achieve it.
· Decide whether your intentions, attentions and expectations are in  alignment.
· Ask yourself, do you believe you can do it?
· Explore the four basic life archetypes and the role they play in your life story.

  By the end of the evening you will have identified, examined, and articulated exactly what it is that you want to manifest in 2011. Unlike New Year's resolutions that are forgotten by the end of January, you can create a plan of action to keep you on track for the year.
Directions given on registration.


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