Storyteller -- June 27th

The Storyteller says now is the time to take inventory of your life stories. Are your stories fresh and uplifting? Or old and tired? Are you the Hero or the Victim?  Which ones do you repeat to yourself and others? Are they true?

The Illuminated Storyteller gathers the teaching of life and spirit and turns them into tales easily understood. She gives texture, color and feeling to your life.

The Shadow Storyteller tells a distorted story that becomes truth in your life. "I'm not good enough." "I'll never be successful."

Ask yourself is my life based on truth or fiction? What stories do you tell about your life? Do they support the true you? Or keep you spinning in fear and doubt?

If you don't like your stories, change them. Create a story that empowers you and all you do.

Many Blessings, roi

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