Archetype of the Day -- Artist

Life is an art form. What art does your life express?

When you draw the Artist Archetype card you are being asked to evaluate your creative process.

  • What creative dreams do you carry?
  • Are you expressing them?
  • Hiding them? 
  • Are you living in the Illuminated or the Shadow Artist?
The Illuminated Artist is aware of the personal art of living and knows that creativity and spirit are synonymous. The world is color, texture, balance and harmony.

The Shadow Artist can't allow creativity to be developed and thrive in the world. She starves for acknowledgement and recognition not realizing creativity is an inside job. So the Shadow Artist will hide, or suppress, all her gifts in the belief that no one will ever appreciate her.

The Artist Archetype is Creativity. 

Each moment of your life is an expression of your creativity and spirit.
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