Archetype of the Day -- Clown

Clown Archetype -- what a fun way to start off this stormy Monday morning, at least here in Madison WI.

When the Clown Archetype shows up you're being asked to look at how you balance your spirit. The Clown Archetype is about Emotion.

  • Do you laugh every day?
  • How do you reflect others' strengths, beliefs, or failures? With joy? Or sadness?
  • Do you keep your distance from your own spirit and creativity?
In today's world there are many things bombarding  your spirit. Angst and anxiety are a daily ritual for many people and that energy reflects on all of you whether we are conscious of it or not. Energy moving around and through you becomes thick and dense, creating a feeling of tiredness. The Clown lets you rejuvenate your spirit.

The Illuminated Clown is a  powerful, energetic antidote that comes in the form of laughter to break up that density and rebalance your spirit.

The Shadow Clown wears a mask that hides the pain and fear of life. She'll go out of her way to make others laugh so no one can see her own pained or anger.

Start this week off with a lot of laughter, celebrate the joy of your life with giggles today.

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