Archetype of the Day - Monk/Nun

The Monk/Nun is asking if you are grounded in your spirituality -- do you allow your head and heart to be in balance?
  • What is your relationship to spirit? 
  • Do you give yourself a place of peace to meditate and reflect on the mysteries of life? 
  • Are you hiding parts of yourself from the world?
The Illuminated Monk motivates you explore the power of your soul in order to create balance between the desires of your heart and your mind.

The Shadow Monk is judgmental of everyone and everything that is not in alignment with his beliefs.

The Illuminated Nun brings reverence to your everyday rituals of life. 

The Shadow Nun wants your life to be lived within the confines of purpose to a single-minded belief that exalts you above all others.

The Monk/Nun is about Spirituality.
  • Do you tend to retreat and hide from yourself and others? 
  • Do you allow your heart to have a vote? 

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