Archetype of the Day -- Saboteur

Sabotage!  Saboteur is one of the four basic archetypes we all have -- Saboteur, Victim, Prostitute, and Child. They often gang up and either serve you well in their illuminated forms, or destroy in their shadow forms.

When you draw the Saboteur card you're being asked to identify the ways you sabotage yourself and others.
  • Is it logic?
  • Is it emotion? 
  • Do you find that you break down when you get close to success?
  • What are the ways in which you sabotage yourself?
The Illuminated Saboteur is a strong ally, much like the Knight or Warrior. He helps you identify how and when you disempower yourself. His purpose is to keep you committed to your goal or project.

The Shadow Saboteur plays havoc with your life. He creates self-defeating mind chatter that plays with repetitious negativity that keeps you stuck without hope of change.

The Saboteur Archetype is about HONOR. Do you honor your life, work, creativity, and spirit? Do you refuse to allow anyone or anything sabotage you.

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