Monday's Archetype - Mother/Father

The Mother/Father card asks you to examine how you are caring for yourself.

  • Do you support and nurture your dreams and goals?
  • When do you abandon yourself?
  • Do you love the life you're leading now?
The Illuminated Mother is the life-giver who nurtures her children, allowing them to grow and become independent.  She is your support, helping you to see and to celebrate all the success in all your endeavors.

The Shadow Mother destroys by non-nurturing neglect. She is quick to point out your faults and make you believe you'll never be able to overcome them and do better.

The Illuminated Father provides the foundation for the expression of goal and dreams. He is the one who assists you in "owning" your work with great pride.

The Shadow Father is absent in authority and neglects the fundamental issues of ideas, goals, -- your creativity becomes orphans left in the work to fend for themselves.

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