Tuesday's Archetype -- Storyteller

The Storyteller Archetype is asking that you take a good look at the stories you tell.

  • Are you the hero/heroine or the victim?
  • What about the people you befriend -- do they have success or failure stories?
The stories you tell yourself create your life. If you want to know how you're doing, check your friend's stories, they reflect who you are.

Years ago I had two clients, friends who had everything going for them, except sad personal stories. They focused on the negative, what they didn't have in their lives. 

I ran into them a few months after we worked together, they told me -- "we used to get together for coffee and commiserate about our problems, how bad our lives were going, and now we talk about how happy we are and we laugh and laugh."

Changing your story will change your life. You have a choice to live through fear or faith. Fear will give you more experiences of fear, and faith more experiences of faith -- your choice.

So listen to your stories. Tell the good things. Own your strength and creativity.

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