Wednesday's Archetype -- Olympian

The Olympian Archetype asks you to examine your commitments to yourself and to others.

  • How motivated are you to succeed?
  • Do you dream and never take action?
  • How honorable are you in your commitments to yourself.
The Illuminated Olympian is in the game to win. Never wavering from the goal. 
The Shadow Olympian never gets off the starting block, much less making it to the finish line.

As a person of integrity you keep your commitments to other people -- but, what about to yourself? When you start a project, or goal, do you follow though. Do you make sure that you put your time and effort before anything else? 

The Olympian is about commitment -- making commitments and keeping commitments -- to yourself.

Are you ready to begin? Are you willing to develop the strength and stamina it takes to reach the finish line?

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