Monday's Archetype - Chef

Mercury has been in retro for a month -- at my house it seems like forever! Fortunately it went direct last week. Let's give it another few days and then we should be moving forward at a smoother pace.

Today's archetype is the Chef. When you draw the Chef Archetype card you want to take a look at what needs spicing up in your life. What needs a new ingredient?

My friend Judy just emailed she wants to add more ha-ha's to her life and take her "to-do" list as a suggestion, not commandments written in stone.

The Chef Archetype is about renewal. The Illuminated reviews old life recipes -- beliefs, habits, and patterns -- then adds new ingredients for change. The Shadow Chef  recycles old ideas and is never satisfied and continually disappointed in life.

Is your life a feast of experiences or cold leftovers?

Much to do on my list today -- lots of want-to's and have-to's. I'm going to add some new ways of doing them to make them fun.

Enjoy your day --

PS: I was a guest on the Annette Martin Show last week. I had a great time! I'll be posting the podcast on the blog and my website soon.

Music for Healing

On Annette Martin's radio show I recommended healing music of Steven Halpren

Thursday's Archetype - Saboteur

Saboteur -- how many ways can you sabotage your dreams and goals? Reflect on the things you've wanted to create and for some reason failed. Underneath all the trauma-drama, you'll find the Saboteur at work.

This is a very cunning archetype -- for me, he shows up as logic. I'll get an intuitive hit and I can analyze it to the point that I'd be crazy to do such a thing. That's when I have to reset and explore what my intuition is telling me above and beyond my logical thinking.

The Illuminated Saboteur makes you aware of when and how you sabotage your dreams and the goals you want to manifest in life.

The Shadow Saboteur will keep you spinning and doubting so you never achieve your life's purpose.

List what hasn't worked for you and then start analyzing who, what, when and where the Shadow Saboteur took over.

Yesterday, I was on the Annette Martin Psychic World radio show and I had a great time -- thanks to Annette and Margaret for making it such a joy.

I'll be posting the podcast soon -- many blessings, roi

Wednesday's Archetype - Child

Fools, Clowns, Monks and Thieves, Rebels, Tricksters, Seekers and Crones -- I hung out with them all last weekend. And loved every minute of it.

I had a great time at the BMS Expo in Skokie IL on Saturday and Sunday. Met so many interesting people, as well as, expo friends I only see  at the shows.

Today we continue with one of the four basic archetypes -- the Child.

The Child Archetype is about Inventiveness.
When you draw this card you are being asked to examine and experiment with your own creativity.

  • Can you create magic from ordinary things?
  • Do you allow yourself to play?
  • Children laugh at life -- do you?
The Illuminated Child lives in a world of possibilities and creative wonder. Anything is possible. He may not have all the answers -- just a multitude of questions. 

The Shadow Child is fearful and can't believe that he has the right or power to create. He feels lost, abandoned and has too many rules and regulations to follow before he can play. He tends to cry about the unfairness of life, but feels powerless to change it.

When you are in the Shadow Child, you don't trust your intuition and the information you receive. This leaves you more confused and fretful about your connection to higher power.

The Illuminated Child trusts that whatever he receives is meant for his highest good. That angels and spirits guide him every moment of life.

Have a great day -- join me on at 1:00 central time -11:00 PST.
I'll be a guest on the Annette Martin Show.

Many blessings, roi

Today - BMSE Skokie IL

I'm at the Expo for Body, Mind & Spirit in Skokie IL.

Today, 2-3:00, I'm giving a talk on how to Change Your Story and Change Your Life.
Join me if you're in the area --

Wednesday's Archetype -- Prostitute

Has anyone else felt the effect of Mercury's retrograde this month!? Man-o-mano -- it's kicking up over at my house - computers, email systems, hot water heaters, recording devices -- they are all going haywire.

Fortunately the hot water issue is resolved. Recording -- not so well.

When planets go retro we're advise to relax, review, reflect . . .  altho, it's hard to relax in a cold shower.

Today's Archetype is the Prostitute. The Shadow Prostitute will sell out for anything or anyone he thinks is stronger.  Our fears are one of the biggest things we sell out for -- fear that we can't, or people won't, or I'll fail.

The Illuminated Prostitute is about confidence. Trust in yourself and what you create. Address those fears and see where the Prostitute can assist alleviating them.

Look at what stops you. I think it's often the small things that stop you and allow to steal your confidence and forward movement in life.

The Illuminated Prostitute Archetype allows you live centered in faith. You refuse to sell out for anything or anyone.

Hang on -- Mercury's Retro will be over the end of the month. Let's affirm smooth sailing for September.
Blessings, roi

Tuesday's Archetype -- Artist

How is your world designed? Colorful? Drab? Exciting friends and new places? Is your conversation lively and refreshing or do you recycle old thoughts and ideas, beliefs and patterns.

The Artist Archetype is asking you to look and take stock of your art of living. At how you create your life. Do you paint yourself as a victim or a champion?

Jack Kornfeld tells of a native group who search for the song of the unborn child before conception. The mother goes out to the wilderness and listens for the song of her child. She returns and sings it to her husband. They sing the song while they are conceiving -- during the pregnancy they teach the song to the villagers and everyone sings to the child at birth.

When the child grows up and marries, the villagers sing both songs of husband and wife. When death is near, the villagers sing the person's song for the last time.

Each of us had a unique song to sing, an art to create, and a beautiful life to create share with others. Each of us is special -- allow the Artist Archetype to be free to create and reveal that special part of you to the yourself and the world.

More on the website --
Many blessings, roi

PS: remember that whatever you focus on expands.

Monday's Archetype - Hermit

New week, new day, new archetype -- last week was a real challenge for me. This week I've decided to change my story -- let go of last week's story and create a new one.  You can do that, you know.

Today's Archetype is the Hermit. The Hermit is about going within to find the wisdom and gifts of your life and bring them out to the world to share. You can go within through actual withdrawal from the world, as I do with my Stop-The-World days, or through meditation, or reflective thinking and journaling.

For me the Hermit allows me to reset, as I have done for this week, to clear out what isn't working -- thought patterns, old habits, and old beliefs -- and reconnect to what does; to find the truth underneath all the trauma-drama and get back to spirit and true self.

The Illuminated Hermit knows when it is time to go within, explore the darkness, find the truth and bring it out to the world to share.

The Shadow Hermit is afraid of the world, goes into the cave, rolls the rock in front and refuses to come out for anything or anyone. He keeps his gifts hidden even from himself.

Hermit asks you to look at how you're balancing your life. Are you working to much and not enough play? Examine how you're experiencing the Hermit and allow your story to change to one that empowers you.

This weekend I'll be at the BMSE Expo in Skokie IL  -- booth 142 doing Past/Present/Future Archetypal readings, $40 plus you get the set of Spirit of Archetype cards.

Plus, I'm giving two talks on Change Your Story and Change Your Life --Saturday the 20th at 2:00 and Sunday the 21st at 5:00.

Please join me -- say hello, get a reading and join me at the lectures.

Archetype of the Day --Victim

Yesterday in the early morning hours my email account was hijacked. Requests for money were sent to everyone on my contact list.  It seems I was stranded in Scotland and while the Scots would let me leave without a passport (really?) they would not let me leave without paying my hotel bill.

I received numerous phone calls and emails from concerned friends and clients, who know it was a hoax, but wanted to make sure I  knew. I chatted with people I'd not heard from in years. We laughed and had a great time. One friend offered me her 83 frequent flier miles -- we chuckled over how far that would get me -- to the end of the runway.

The past week has been a challenge -- my niece unexpectedly died on Saturday night, my son and family moved to the East coast on Monday afternoon, and I lost all my contacts on Thursday.

With the Victim Archetype I had choice -- I could do the woe is me to all my friends who contacted me, or I could see the gift and appreciate their concern, caring, and generous offers of support, if indeed, I really was stranded in another country.

Life gives us choices at each and every moment of life. I have been in the process of letting go of what was and moving into what is and will be for me. Loss of my niece, whom I know is at peace, my family leaving, and the emails hijacked were all another avenue of letting go.

The Illuminated Victim Archetype is about empowerment -- finding the gift. It is never about what happens to us in life -- it's about what we do with what happens that's important.

Besides, if this is the worse thing that happens to me, then I'm good.

And I trust you are too.

Wednesday's Archetype - Innocent

When you draw the Innocent Archetype card you are being asked to evaluate your relationship to the universal order.

  • Do you have a childlike innocence of trust and faith?
  • Are you hiding in a corner of your life - refusing to venture out?
  • Can you appreciate the gifts of your life and share them with others?
The Illuminated Innocent is one of the purest archetypal forms. The Innocent is connected to spirit with a keen sense of all the wonders and wisdom that life has to offer.

The Shadow Innocent declares "I don't know" rather than face responsibility. The Shadow Innocent lets you hide safely inside your own singular world, afraid to step over the threshold into life.

What needs to be released from you life right now? What's holding you back from completely trusting the world? 

Thursday's Archetype - Lover

When you draw the Lover Archetype card, you're being asked to examine your heart's desires.

  • What does your heart say you want?
  • Do you allow your heart a vote?
  • Do you allow your goals, dreams, and creative ideas to be dropped for better ones?
The Illuminated Lover is the pure expression of the heart. When you are doing what you love, your passion radiates from your heart and into the world.

The Shadow Lover loves many things and is satisfied with none. You will continually set yourself up to destroy what you have so you can go out and create a passion for something new.

The Lover reminds us that the heart is an important partner in the Mind, Body, Spirit equation. If you are only creating from your mind, then the longings of the heart are ignored, creating an imbalance. The imbalance creates a longing and you find life unsatisfying. 

Honor what you love. List your heart's desires, letting go of the shoulds, woulds, and coulds.
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Wednesday's Archetype - King/Queen

What a day! Mercury is in retro until the 26th and it is sure playing havoc in my personal world. How about you?

When you draw the King/Queen archetype you are beings asked to assess your relationship to your world. 
  • Do you have reign over your life?
  • Are you taking full responsibility for your expression of personal power?
  • Do you simply give the illusion of power while your world is crumbling?

The Illuminated King reigns through the expression of personal power, ideas, prosperity, and creativity. 
The Shadow King is impoverished and maintains a facade of power, living in a castle that is crumbling around him.

The Illuminated Queen empowers the virtues of love, compassion, and nurturing. 
The Shadow Queen is jealous and vindictive, and destroys in order to hold her place on the throne.

The King/Queen represents integrity. Are you in integrity with yourself? Take a look at your "kingdom". Is your life all that you dreamed it could and would be? Do you revere your body, home, and all aspects of life? What royal decrees do you need to proclaim to create your best life?

More on 

Tuesday's Archetype -- Magician/Wizard

Can you believe that it is August already? I think the Magician or the Wizard is making time disappear. When the Magician/Wizard card is drawn you're being asked to examine the illusions you are living and believe to be true.

  • Have spells been cast upon you?
  • Did someone tell you that you were not good enough? 
  • What limitation have you created in your life?
The Illuminated Magician creates from the unseen by going beyond the limits of reality. 
The Shadow Magician tricks you into believing that you're a victim and tosses you into self-defeating actions.

The Illuminated Wizard sees the whole of creation rather than random parts when he's creating something new. The Shadow Wizard casts a spell that distorts your view of life. 

The Magician/Wizard is about clarity. How clear are you on your life? Can you use the magic of the Magician/Wizard to go beyond your illusions and limitations to live the life you dream of having?

Monday's Archetype -- Hermit

What a way to start off the week with Hermit. When you draw the Hermit Archetype you're being asked to examine how you retreat from your world.

  • Do you need to retreat and regenerate? 
  • Are you hiding your feelings and hurts?
  • What gifts are you hiding from yourself and others?
The Illuminated Hermit balances light and dark. She regenerates by going to a quiet place to reflect and evaluate her experiences. Gathering energy she then goes back out into the world to share her gifts.

The Shadow Hermit is afraid of the world, so she goes into her "cave" rolls the rock in front and never comes out to share her gifts or wisdom.

We all need to have a quiet place in our life to go to rebalance and regenerate. A place to turn down the noise of the outer world and listen to the voice within. 

Give yourself permission to withdraw once in a while and you'll discover that it's easier to stay present with yourself and others.

I call it Stop-The-World-Day. When I need to regather myself I have a STWD and I spend that day sleeping, reading, meditating, eating or watching a movie. It is my day to do whatever I like. Try it. 

You can read more on the website about my work and see all of the Spirit of Archetype Cards.

Have a happy week!