Archetype of the Day --Victim

Yesterday in the early morning hours my email account was hijacked. Requests for money were sent to everyone on my contact list.  It seems I was stranded in Scotland and while the Scots would let me leave without a passport (really?) they would not let me leave without paying my hotel bill.

I received numerous phone calls and emails from concerned friends and clients, who know it was a hoax, but wanted to make sure I  knew. I chatted with people I'd not heard from in years. We laughed and had a great time. One friend offered me her 83 frequent flier miles -- we chuckled over how far that would get me -- to the end of the runway.

The past week has been a challenge -- my niece unexpectedly died on Saturday night, my son and family moved to the East coast on Monday afternoon, and I lost all my contacts on Thursday.

With the Victim Archetype I had choice -- I could do the woe is me to all my friends who contacted me, or I could see the gift and appreciate their concern, caring, and generous offers of support, if indeed, I really was stranded in another country.

Life gives us choices at each and every moment of life. I have been in the process of letting go of what was and moving into what is and will be for me. Loss of my niece, whom I know is at peace, my family leaving, and the emails hijacked were all another avenue of letting go.

The Illuminated Victim Archetype is about empowerment -- finding the gift. It is never about what happens to us in life -- it's about what we do with what happens that's important.

Besides, if this is the worse thing that happens to me, then I'm good.

And I trust you are too.

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