Monday's Archetype - Chef

Mercury has been in retro for a month -- at my house it seems like forever! Fortunately it went direct last week. Let's give it another few days and then we should be moving forward at a smoother pace.

Today's archetype is the Chef. When you draw the Chef Archetype card you want to take a look at what needs spicing up in your life. What needs a new ingredient?

My friend Judy just emailed she wants to add more ha-ha's to her life and take her "to-do" list as a suggestion, not commandments written in stone.

The Chef Archetype is about renewal. The Illuminated reviews old life recipes -- beliefs, habits, and patterns -- then adds new ingredients for change. The Shadow Chef  recycles old ideas and is never satisfied and continually disappointed in life.

Is your life a feast of experiences or cold leftovers?

Much to do on my list today -- lots of want-to's and have-to's. I'm going to add some new ways of doing them to make them fun.

Enjoy your day --

PS: I was a guest on the Annette Martin Show last week. I had a great time! I'll be posting the podcast on the blog and my website soon.

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