Monday's Archetype -- Hermit

What a way to start off the week with Hermit. When you draw the Hermit Archetype you're being asked to examine how you retreat from your world.

  • Do you need to retreat and regenerate? 
  • Are you hiding your feelings and hurts?
  • What gifts are you hiding from yourself and others?
The Illuminated Hermit balances light and dark. She regenerates by going to a quiet place to reflect and evaluate her experiences. Gathering energy she then goes back out into the world to share her gifts.

The Shadow Hermit is afraid of the world, so she goes into her "cave" rolls the rock in front and never comes out to share her gifts or wisdom.

We all need to have a quiet place in our life to go to rebalance and regenerate. A place to turn down the noise of the outer world and listen to the voice within. 

Give yourself permission to withdraw once in a while and you'll discover that it's easier to stay present with yourself and others.

I call it Stop-The-World-Day. When I need to regather myself I have a STWD and I spend that day sleeping, reading, meditating, eating or watching a movie. It is my day to do whatever I like. Try it. 

You can read more on the website about my work and see all of the Spirit of Archetype Cards.

Have a happy week!

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