Monday's Archetype - Hermit

New week, new day, new archetype -- last week was a real challenge for me. This week I've decided to change my story -- let go of last week's story and create a new one.  You can do that, you know.

Today's Archetype is the Hermit. The Hermit is about going within to find the wisdom and gifts of your life and bring them out to the world to share. You can go within through actual withdrawal from the world, as I do with my Stop-The-World days, or through meditation, or reflective thinking and journaling.

For me the Hermit allows me to reset, as I have done for this week, to clear out what isn't working -- thought patterns, old habits, and old beliefs -- and reconnect to what does; to find the truth underneath all the trauma-drama and get back to spirit and true self.

The Illuminated Hermit knows when it is time to go within, explore the darkness, find the truth and bring it out to the world to share.

The Shadow Hermit is afraid of the world, goes into the cave, rolls the rock in front and refuses to come out for anything or anyone. He keeps his gifts hidden even from himself.

Hermit asks you to look at how you're balancing your life. Are you working to much and not enough play? Examine how you're experiencing the Hermit and allow your story to change to one that empowers you.

This weekend I'll be at the BMSE Expo in Skokie IL  -- booth 142 doing Past/Present/Future Archetypal readings, $40 plus you get the set of Spirit of Archetype cards.

Plus, I'm giving two talks on Change Your Story and Change Your Life --Saturday the 20th at 2:00 and Sunday the 21st at 5:00.

Please join me -- say hello, get a reading and join me at the lectures.

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