Thursday's Archetype - Lover

When you draw the Lover Archetype card, you're being asked to examine your heart's desires.

  • What does your heart say you want?
  • Do you allow your heart a vote?
  • Do you allow your goals, dreams, and creative ideas to be dropped for better ones?
The Illuminated Lover is the pure expression of the heart. When you are doing what you love, your passion radiates from your heart and into the world.

The Shadow Lover loves many things and is satisfied with none. You will continually set yourself up to destroy what you have so you can go out and create a passion for something new.

The Lover reminds us that the heart is an important partner in the Mind, Body, Spirit equation. If you are only creating from your mind, then the longings of the heart are ignored, creating an imbalance. The imbalance creates a longing and you find life unsatisfying. 

Honor what you love. List your heart's desires, letting go of the shoulds, woulds, and coulds.
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