Thursday's Archetype - Saboteur

Saboteur -- how many ways can you sabotage your dreams and goals? Reflect on the things you've wanted to create and for some reason failed. Underneath all the trauma-drama, you'll find the Saboteur at work.

This is a very cunning archetype -- for me, he shows up as logic. I'll get an intuitive hit and I can analyze it to the point that I'd be crazy to do such a thing. That's when I have to reset and explore what my intuition is telling me above and beyond my logical thinking.

The Illuminated Saboteur makes you aware of when and how you sabotage your dreams and the goals you want to manifest in life.

The Shadow Saboteur will keep you spinning and doubting so you never achieve your life's purpose.

List what hasn't worked for you and then start analyzing who, what, when and where the Shadow Saboteur took over.

Yesterday, I was on the Annette Martin Psychic World radio show and I had a great time -- thanks to Annette and Margaret for making it such a joy.

I'll be posting the podcast soon -- many blessings, roi

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