Tuesday's Archetype -- Artist

How is your world designed? Colorful? Drab? Exciting friends and new places? Is your conversation lively and refreshing or do you recycle old thoughts and ideas, beliefs and patterns.

The Artist Archetype is asking you to look and take stock of your art of living. At how you create your life. Do you paint yourself as a victim or a champion?

Jack Kornfeld tells of a native group who search for the song of the unborn child before conception. The mother goes out to the wilderness and listens for the song of her child. She returns and sings it to her husband. They sing the song while they are conceiving -- during the pregnancy they teach the song to the villagers and everyone sings to the child at birth.

When the child grows up and marries, the villagers sing both songs of husband and wife. When death is near, the villagers sing the person's song for the last time.

Each of us had a unique song to sing, an art to create, and a beautiful life to create share with others. Each of us is special -- allow the Artist Archetype to be free to create and reveal that special part of you to the yourself and the world.

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Many blessings, roi

PS: remember that whatever you focus on expands.

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