Tuesday's Archetype -- Magician/Wizard

Can you believe that it is August already? I think the Magician or the Wizard is making time disappear. When the Magician/Wizard card is drawn you're being asked to examine the illusions you are living and believe to be true.

  • Have spells been cast upon you?
  • Did someone tell you that you were not good enough? 
  • What limitation have you created in your life?
The Illuminated Magician creates from the unseen by going beyond the limits of reality. 
The Shadow Magician tricks you into believing that you're a victim and tosses you into self-defeating actions.

The Illuminated Wizard sees the whole of creation rather than random parts when he's creating something new. The Shadow Wizard casts a spell that distorts your view of life. 

The Magician/Wizard is about clarity. How clear are you on your life? Can you use the magic of the Magician/Wizard to go beyond your illusions and limitations to live the life you dream of having?

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