Wednesday's Archetype - Child

Fools, Clowns, Monks and Thieves, Rebels, Tricksters, Seekers and Crones -- I hung out with them all last weekend. And loved every minute of it.

I had a great time at the BMS Expo in Skokie IL on Saturday and Sunday. Met so many interesting people, as well as, expo friends I only see  at the shows.

Today we continue with one of the four basic archetypes -- the Child.

The Child Archetype is about Inventiveness.
When you draw this card you are being asked to examine and experiment with your own creativity.

  • Can you create magic from ordinary things?
  • Do you allow yourself to play?
  • Children laugh at life -- do you?
The Illuminated Child lives in a world of possibilities and creative wonder. Anything is possible. He may not have all the answers -- just a multitude of questions. 

The Shadow Child is fearful and can't believe that he has the right or power to create. He feels lost, abandoned and has too many rules and regulations to follow before he can play. He tends to cry about the unfairness of life, but feels powerless to change it.

When you are in the Shadow Child, you don't trust your intuition and the information you receive. This leaves you more confused and fretful about your connection to higher power.

The Illuminated Child trusts that whatever he receives is meant for his highest good. That angels and spirits guide him every moment of life.

Have a great day -- join me on at 1:00 central time -11:00 PST.
I'll be a guest on the Annette Martin Show.

Many blessings, roi

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