Wednesday's Archetype - King/Queen

What a day! Mercury is in retro until the 26th and it is sure playing havoc in my personal world. How about you?

When you draw the King/Queen archetype you are beings asked to assess your relationship to your world. 
  • Do you have reign over your life?
  • Are you taking full responsibility for your expression of personal power?
  • Do you simply give the illusion of power while your world is crumbling?

The Illuminated King reigns through the expression of personal power, ideas, prosperity, and creativity. 
The Shadow King is impoverished and maintains a facade of power, living in a castle that is crumbling around him.

The Illuminated Queen empowers the virtues of love, compassion, and nurturing. 
The Shadow Queen is jealous and vindictive, and destroys in order to hold her place on the throne.

The King/Queen represents integrity. Are you in integrity with yourself? Take a look at your "kingdom". Is your life all that you dreamed it could and would be? Do you revere your body, home, and all aspects of life? What royal decrees do you need to proclaim to create your best life?

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