Wednesday's Archetype -- Prostitute

Has anyone else felt the effect of Mercury's retrograde this month!? Man-o-mano -- it's kicking up over at my house - computers, email systems, hot water heaters, recording devices -- they are all going haywire.

Fortunately the hot water issue is resolved. Recording -- not so well.

When planets go retro we're advise to relax, review, reflect . . .  altho, it's hard to relax in a cold shower.

Today's Archetype is the Prostitute. The Shadow Prostitute will sell out for anything or anyone he thinks is stronger.  Our fears are one of the biggest things we sell out for -- fear that we can't, or people won't, or I'll fail.

The Illuminated Prostitute is about confidence. Trust in yourself and what you create. Address those fears and see where the Prostitute can assist alleviating them.

Look at what stops you. I think it's often the small things that stop you and allow to steal your confidence and forward movement in life.

The Illuminated Prostitute Archetype allows you live centered in faith. You refuse to sell out for anything or anyone.

Hang on -- Mercury's Retro will be over the end of the month. Let's affirm smooth sailing for September.
Blessings, roi

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