Releasing and Clearing

Out with the old and in with the new -- the motto for 2012!

Time to let go of what no longer serves you or empowers you. The first place to begin is in your home.

Periodic cleansing of your home and all items in your possession  is recommended to keep you clear of unwanted energy. Just as you shower or bath you want to cleanse the energetic part of your life. 

Since everything you own holds a part of your energetic frequency it is always a good idea surround yourself with only those things that empower you. For the rest, bless them and give them away.

Where to begin? Look around your house, beginning at the front door. If an object doesn't make you smile, or give you a good feeling, then remove it and replace with one that does. 

When I'm cleaning out an area that's overwhelming, I start in one corner, with my back to the rest of the room. I only see what's in front of me and using the "feel good" method, I select what I want to see in that space. When it is clear and to my liking, I then expand the process, corner by corner until the entire room is finished. 

Bless the things you give away so the next user is free and clear of your energy. Likewise, anything you bring into your home or space, cleanse and bless for the highest good of all.


"Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston has a great article on clearing energy:

The Art of Manifesting

Manifestation is created from the inside out. Imagine the center of the earth where molten lava flows out to solidify into the ground you walk on.

Your inner world works the same way. You have your own center of fire in your heart. When you allow your heart to expresses the passion of who you are and what you love it manifests into life in the outer world.

The words you think, the words you speak, and the beliefs you hold create the energy that propels your goals and dreams out into the world.

Each thought and emotion has an energetic wave that moves from your heart center and solidifies, like the molten lava, into solid form to create your life experiences that becomes your life story.

Every thought has a frequency of fear or faith. Fear is a powerful energy that is the basis for all negativity. Fearful thoughts create the opportunity for you to have more experiences of fear. Fear and negativity are like a reverse magnet that creates a barrier to your goals.

Faith, which has an equally strong frequency, creates the opportunity for you to have more experiences of faith. And, also like a magnet, pulls the manifestations closer.

By simply changing your words from "I'm afraid . . ." to "I trust . . . " you can create a different experience as you manifest your goals in life.