Intuition -- What is it? Who's got it? And, how to Develop Yours!

Intuition is the process of making conscious that which is unconscious. Like radio waves, intuition flows around us all the time and like the radio, you  have to turn your receiver on to get the message.

Defining Your Personal Process
  • Intuition downloads through your dominant sense -- seeing, feeling, and/or hearing
  • And, resonates secondarily somewhere within your body
  • Intuition only comes in the PRESENT moment

Not sure about yours? Observe how you explain things -- "I see what you mean."  "I hear what you're saying." Or, "Feels right to me."  One sense may predominate with the others following closely behind. 

The human system is electro-magnetic, so when intuition downloads into your consciousness the energy moves through your physical body and will resonate somewhere within your body.

The most common responses are chills, a drop in the stomach, a warm feeling in the heart -- your response is as unique as you are. One client's eyes watered and this was how she knew it was intuition and not her imagination.

The secondary response is confirmation that you've received intuitive information and not mind chatter.

Intuition is the language of metaphors and a sense of knowingness. You have a vocabulary of symbols that is all your own. For instance, when I see a snake, I get healing. You may see a snake and get poison or death.

Know your process --  
  • Does the information come in metaphors and/or symbols?
  • Where do you feel it in your body?  
  • What does it look or feel like?
  • What symbols speak to you?  
  • Are your symbols repetitive?  
Once you've discovered your dominant sense, identified your body's secondary response, and begun to be aware of your symbols and metaphors --  you're ready to go to the next level - trust

The success of your intuition is directly related to your willingness to fail! Its greatest enemy is pride. The ego's investment in being right is counter- productive to your intuitive process. 

Exercises --

Make a game out of your exercises --
  • Guess who's on the phone --without caller ID
  • Take a deck of playing cards, shuffle, intuit the color of each card. Red goes in one pile, black in another. Notice how each card feels when you hold it.
  • Ask questions in Yes or No. Be aware of the energy sensations in your body to distinguish between the two answers.  

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