Let's Talk Archetypes - Diane Chamness Interview

  • Let's Talk Archetypes - Diane Chamness Interview
  • Roi Solberg and Diane Chamness
    discuss intuition and business

  • Diane shares her experiences and
    explains how she has used her
    intuitional guidance in her business.
    Diane is founder of Chamness Group --
    a business development-consulting firm
    that works with organizations that want
    to change and grow. Clients come to her
    with a desire to change something in
    their businesses.

    Keywords: intuition, archetypes,business

Let's Talk Archetypes - Nikki Bender Interview

  • Let's Talk Archetypes - Nikki Bender Interview
  • Nikki Bender discuses using intuition
    in her creative process


  • Let's Talk Archetypes -
    Cindy Halley Interview

    • Cindy, creator of the GODpillow
      her life story and the role that intuition
      played in creating her company. 

    Wherever you are in your journey GODpillow is there to inspire
    daily devotion, and comfort you in your time of need and strengthen
    your Spiritual Path.

  • The GODpillow Story ~  Life has moved very quickly for me. 
    So quickly that I woke up one day and found myself isolated from my
    family and LIFE (not to mention God).  Life literally brought me to
    my knees.  I'll call this my first "Spiritual Awakening".
  • Every time I surrender, a Spiritual Transformation happens.  A door opens
    and I know God is listening.  I know I have to listen well.
    Since developing a relationship with God, LIFE IS FULLER.  Life keeps on being busy...
    that doesn't stop.  But now I take time in the morning, get on my knees, pray, and ask
    God to direct me during the day.  And, every time I ask, I find my day runs smoother.
    And, at the end of the day, I get on my knees and say "Thank you".  That is the best part.
    So here I am.  Inspired and knowing that great things will happen.
    I also know that when the not-so-good things happen, I AM NOT ALONE. 
    Ask God to come with you during your day.  And use your GODpillow
    in good health.
    In the Spirit of the Light --

Let's Talk Archetypes - Janet Fitch Interview

Intuition in Business -- Roi Solberg interviews Janet Fitch/Podcast

Listen as Janet Fitch shares how her intuition guides her in the journey of creating award-winning documentaries.

Janet Fitch, Director New Moon Productions
Janet Fitch creates films that engage diverse communities to expand critical thinking on complex societal problems.  Her award winning documentary series, Guns, Grief & Grace in America, reframes the current debate on gun violence to a non-polarized public health focus on prevention.  Urban, suburban, small town and rural lenses broaden collective thinking as they explore suicide, homicide, domestic violence, mass and accidental shootings to highlight the need for prevention strategies. Armed only with an MA in Journalism-Mass Communication and a plethora of experience, Janet is available as a speaker and facilitator at screenings, events and conferences.

For further information: http://changegunviolence.com/