Let's Talk Archetypes - Janet Fitch Interview

Intuition in Business -- Roi Solberg interviews Janet Fitch/Podcast

Listen as Janet Fitch shares how her intuition guides her in the journey of creating award-winning documentaries.

Janet Fitch, Director New Moon Productions
Janet Fitch creates films that engage diverse communities to expand critical thinking on complex societal problems.  Her award winning documentary series, Guns, Grief & Grace in America, reframes the current debate on gun violence to a non-polarized public health focus on prevention.  Urban, suburban, small town and rural lenses broaden collective thinking as they explore suicide, homicide, domestic violence, mass and accidental shootings to highlight the need for prevention strategies. Armed only with an MA in Journalism-Mass Communication and a plethora of experience, Janet is available as a speaker and facilitator at screenings, events and conferences.

For further information: http://changegunviolence.com/

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