Let's Talk Archetypes: Becky Walsh!

Hello All,

We've wrapped up the first radio broadcast with Authentic You Radio, www.authenticyouradio.com, and on July 11th we're excited to have best-selling author Becky Walsh on the show!

Becky Walsh, teacher, speaker/author, and workshop facilitator in the field of intuition and spirituality, is based in the UK and has a private practice for consultations in Bristol and London.

She is the renowned author of the Amazon bestseller, ‘Advanced Psychic Development’ and ‘Intuitive Lovers,’ plus six e-books and various magazine articles. Becky travels to exotic places around the world to teach, including Hong Kong, Pakistan, and across the United States. She also partners a retreat centre in Chile.

Yet, she is perhaps best known for having presented and produced her own weekly Radio show on LBC 97.3, a three-hour show that is enjoyed by 97,000 listeners. Becky is used as a regular TV pundit, and performs live shows of intuition and comedy.

This week, we will be discussing the Actor archetype. The Actor archetype reflects your abilities to create, and examine the unexplored aspects of yourself. Our topic will be intuition and mental health, which will help give listeners insight into the which roles are bringing happiness, and which ones do not. We will examine how intuition and mental health are critical elements in the roles you choose to play, and your connection to your spirit. 

“I am a catalyst and ideas spark for people who are ready to make life changes.” - Becky Walsh

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