Let’s Talk Archetypes with Roi Solberg

“Archetypes allow the greater personality that is waiting 
within to be expressed or brought to life.”
“A man possessed of his shadow is always standing in his 
own light and falling into his own traps.”
C.G. Jung: Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
Let’s Talk Archetypes with intuitive and author Roi Solberg
Join me on Wednesday’s at 2:00 PM Central Time.
Readings for callers at the end of each show ~ 1-877-296-0345
Each week we’ll discuss archetypes and the role they play in your life.
• Discover your archetypal pattern to change your story and change your life.
• Learn how to change the archetypal patterns that no longer work for you.
• Create a new story that empowers you to create your dreams and goals.
Change Your Story ~ Change Your Life
Do you ever ask yourself ~
• Who am I?
• What do I really want?
• What dreams are waiting to be created?
What’s Your Personal Story?
Is it fresh and new and uplifting? Or is it a tired old rerun that is decades old?
Is your story about triumphs or about the tragedies of your life?
Do you define yourself through your successes or through your wounds?
What’s an Archetype?
An archetype is an energy pattern or expression or thought.
If I said to you, “He’s such a clown.” You’d know immediately what I mean. I wouldn’t have to give you further information on the person’s persona.
Each archetype has an illuminated and a shadow side. The illuminated is the one that works for you. The shadow is the unknown, unexplored talent and creativity you’re not aware of owning.
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