Alchemist Archetype

Listen to our discussion of the Alchemist Archetype

Is it time for you to let go? 
Ready to move forward?

Join me as we explore the Alchemist Archetype 
which changes your lead into gold.

The Alchemist archetype asks you examine what needs to change in your life.
Beliefs, actions, what are you holding on to? Is it working for you or not?
The illuminated alchemist represents change and transformation that takes you to a new level of energy. The higher your frequency of energy the faster, easier things change and manifest.

The shadow alchemist keeps you stuck in trauma-drama. Holding on to past experiences is like carrying a heavy lead weight everywhere you go

Change is not as frightening as you imagine.

"Today we’re going to explore your opportunities to see things in a new way with my guest, Laurie Buchanan. "

With the philosophy of “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing,” Laurie works with the whole person, helping them turn intention into action; getting them from where they are, to where they want to be-body, mind, and spirit.

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