Actor/Artist Archetypes

Design Your Life

Let's Talk Archetypes
October 10th @ 2:00 CT

Through the month of October on Let Talk Archetypes, we'll explore how to manage your energy. 

Designing Your Life with the Actor/Artist Archetypes!

We continue focusing on your search for spirit through the Actor & Artist archetypes.
The Artist Archetype
Life is an art form.
Evaluate your creative process.
What dreams do you carry?
Have you allowed your creativity to develop?

Join me as we explore --
  • Meditation and Rituals
  • What daily rituals have your created?
  • Suggestions to create new ones.
  • Why meditate?
  • What are the different ways to meditate?

Tune in to discuss this topic and more! Each show in the series will feature an opportunity for free archetypal readings during the last segment – call to get yours.

Toll-free 1-877-296-0345 – first come, first serve.

The Actor Archetype
Are you expressing the essence of your true self?
Do you express your creativity and spirit in an open and honest way.
Can you examine the unexplored aspects of who you are?
Are you acting out drama? Which roles make you happy and which do not?

October 3rd LTA broadcast
  • How to create harmony in your inner and outer life -- what would it take? 
  • What changes would have to occur? 
  • What would you have to do or give up?
  • What’s standing in your way?
  • Are you living below or above the line? 
And, more -- much more . . . 

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